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its ok
by billy

i have one complaint. the shakes don't exactly taste as good as everybody says.

Does What It Says
by Cathy

I have never tried a protein powder before because I never saw the value of it. Well, I have changed my mind. After trying Muscle Memory for the last 6 months, it really does what it says. I use it as a meal replacement (I do the frozen banana shake which I found on this website and it is delicious - makes you think you are drinking a milk shake !) and so far I have lost 8 pounds - not bad considering that was the only difference I made in my routine ! Now I must admit, I am not crazy about chocolate - but mixed with the banana and other fruit you hardly taste the chocolate. I would say to those considering a purchase to try it - it works !

Makes Great Tasting Shakes
by John

I've been using Muscle Memory as a meal replacement and it's working great. I used to use another weight loss product for shakes but always found myself hungry shortly after drinking it. With Muscle Memory I find that I am not hungry until my next meal. The chocolate flavor is great - and if you add a banana to the shake it makes a great flavored shake that tastes like it is right out of a malt shop. Highly recommended!

Quality and great taste combined
by Harry

It isn't often that an effective product tastes so good. Who wants to hold their nose or throw down other drinks to wash out the after-taste of other powders? MM provides the 'best of both worlds' for my daily regiment. I mix MM with Almond Milk and a banana. Keep up the good work.

Great Taste! Great Weight Control Tool!
by P Don

I have to admit, I was skeptical at first, that I could like any Protein Shake product. I have tried a few over the years and I always hated the taste. I am one of those people, (I think it is a third of the population that has extra taste buds), meaning I am able to drill down on taste & flavors, good and also, unfortunately, bad.

Bottom line, Muscle Memory passes my taste test with flying colors and now sits proudly on my kitchen shelf awaiting to support me in controlling my weight; it has been added to my vetted arsenal of weight control tools. Right up there with canned tuna.

And on those days where I need to push it a little, meaning I overate yesterday and I am beating myself up today, I do a Muscle Memory/skim milk day, with a little fresh fruit.

And if the fruit is an apple, guess what, I stay in the Green Zone of my GI Diet.

For a treat, when I want something special, I smash up a banana with a third of a scoop of Muscle Memory and a splash of cinnamon, this does put me in the GI yellow zone because of the banana, however, I also drop the calories from skim milk, not a bad trade off, in my opinion.

Muscle Memory has become for me, like an old trusted friend I can count on to help me with the weight control challenges of my life. It is much more than a simple protein powder; it is an appetite suppressant, a desert, an afternoon snack, a meal substitute, bursting with vitamins, helping me meet for my healthy lifestyle goals.

guilty pleasure
by Regan

I started using Muscle Memory almost two years ago and I LOVE it. I use it for a meal replacement. I make it really thick with frozen bananas and I feel like I am having dessert. I watch what I eat (mostly) and at the end of the day I can have a thick shake and feel like I am cheating. It helps me get up the next day and get back to the grind of "eating right". Muscle Memory truly tastes better, much better, than any other protein powder I have ever used and I have been using them for over 30 years. I highly recommend it.

Filling & Delicious
by Karen

I couldn't agree more with everyone's reviews. It really does taste great and it doesn't have any of the artificial sweetener taste that most whey protein powders have. I drink a shake everyday for breakfast and have used it as a snack during the day as well. For my shake, I blend it with a banana, water and a couple ice cubes. It mixes easily with just water as well. There's nothing I don't like about it. Great product!

I Am Loving Muscle Memory!!
by Ruthie

I had been looking for a really good whey protein powder to use as a meal replacement, but I was concerned about the fat and sugar content. worries were over when I found Muscle Memory Whey protein powder. It's very low in fat and is sweetened with Stevia, an amazing all natural sweetner. And I have to tell you, it's one of the best things I've ever tasted. I made a great shake with it, and it beats any other meal replacement shake that I have ever tried.

by Patrick

I make a shake at least 4-5 times a week with Muscle Memory to reglulate my weight and have been doing so for over a year now. I don't work out like I should so to keep my weight steady I drink a shake. What I like is it's low in calories and has all the vitamins I need, so I don't have to take a seperate daily vitamin pill. Plus it tastes great. I like to blend frozen banana's with mine.

The boost I need when I’m on the go…
by Crow Garrett

I’ve been taking Muscle Memory for about a year and a half now, I can honestly say there is nothing better! After searching and trying other protein shakes I went on to the web site for 3rd chance fitness after it was referred to me by my sister trying some of the Healthy Food Recipes from Karen and how great they turned out, the web site recommended making a Protein Smoothie using Muscle Memory. The chicken turned out so good I figured I would go ahead and try the smoothie. Its just as great if not better then the chicken!

All other protein mixes are chalky and the only way you can take them is to drink it all in one sip just to get it down. Muscle Memory is nothing like that, in fact it remind me of the old days when I was a kid making Nestlé’s Quick Chocolate milk. Just add low fat milk and I can drink it for Breakfast, Lunch & Diner it’s that good.

Not only was it a great taste. It’s also effective. In just about a week or so I was able to feel a difference, in my energy and body. It helped give me that boost to get my work out done. Plus the added energy to go on threw the day. Now I’m not the bulky muscle guy that a lot of guys want to be, but with out hesitation Muscle Memory helps me look like I am.

I spend a lot of time on the road working as a professional Comedian Magician I have seen a lot of these products. There is no other product out there that I will take. This is the mix for me. I’m sure it’s the mix for you…

I am a big fan of Muscle Memory;
by Jess Carpenter

I have been using Muscle Memory as one of my 5 meals and after working out for about 6 months now. It has everything I am looking for in a protein powder. It has fewer calories then some of the others out there so I don’t feel like I am going to blow my calorie count at the end of the day. I have tried others that tasted like sawdust or left an aftertaste. Muscle Memory is great with fruit in a blender or just add some H2O and shake, either way it tastes great. I take a shaker bottle with a serving to my office if I need a meal replacement or if I am going to hit the gym right after work. I am a big fan of Muscle Memory; it was one of the best things I found that I can stick with and works for me.

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