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pretty good whey product!
by Dillon S

This product was one of the first whey protein products i have tryed. It taste pretty good in water, but taste awsome in milk!! I would drink one scoop before working out, and one scoop before bed. Got to say that i really didnt see a great gain, but it sure made recovery faster.

It's OK
by Denise

Whey is whey, however, as with everyone else, taste is usually a reason to buy any product. Cytosport is famous for their Muscle Milk products which are fabulous tasting, even in water, but higher in calories (if you need fats, carbs, protein ratios). However, the rest of their line lacks as great of a taste in water. Mixability isn't the greatest either. Still, a reputable company to buy from.

by Samantha

This is a great product. It comes in a lot of different flavors, and most all of them taste great. I would defiantly recommend this product!

Good for the price!
by Holly Sanchez

I like this stuff. It works well for helping to shed those extra pounds. It is good for the price.

Whey Delicious!
by lpzie

I love this product! It tastes so good. Every time I bought it, I tried a different flavor. But nothing could touch Vanilla for me. Mix this with milk, and wow!, doesn't even feel like you're downing large amounts of protein. Taste gives this product 5.0 for me.
As for performance, I was much more excited and motivated to work out. Combine that with what whey protein is suppose to do, and you have what I call results! I highly recommend this, no questions, hands down.

Great for Working Out
by Joshua

This product is great for the days I work out. I can never seem to eat enough to build the muscles I want, but I make a shake and it is really filling. It helps me get through my workouts. It blends well with a blender and I usually mix it with milk. If you add a banana, it will take away any weird taste you may have if you are not used to drinking whey protein.

Good Stuff
by Zheng

This whey protein is great if you seeking a low fat with high protein diet. It is inexpensive and tastes great also. I really enjoy this whey protein.

Overall good product
by Cady

After I had my son, I started to diet and exercise to get back in shape. In the morning I would make a shake using the powder and then exercise. Within a month and a half I had more energy and lost 4 pounds. If you buy this product at Walmart or any discount retailer store you can usually get it for around $15.99. Great product that delivers.

Handy Packets
by startnout

The Complete Whey packets taste great and mix well. In my opinion, they taste a bit better than the huge tub. Only problem is that I can never find the packets anywhere anymore. But if you can locate a seller, you won't be disappointed. Whether you are at the gym or on the road, these packets will surely come in handy.

Budget Protein
by startnout

Cytosport's Complete Whey is good for what it is, budget whey protein. I tried to Cocoa Bean, It had good flavor and mixed quite well. The protein per serving is rather low, but if you consider the number of serving you receive per 5lb container you easily get more than what you pay for. At <2g carbs per serving it works great for anytime of the day. Give it a try, it will not disappoint you.

Good tasting protein powder
by Jeff

The taste of this product is amazing, but I do question the quality a bit, knowing Cytosport and their marketing with Muscle Milk. I do not currently use this particular whey protein, but I am not totally set against it either.

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