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Whey Protein
by 17 Year Old Ammature

I am not here to comment about taste but on it's effect. I'm still learning the do's and don't while im working out. Whey Protein Is a great Supplement even though i was not dieting properly and partying most of the time. when i finished one tub i certainly saw major improvements however i did not get any abdominal muscles which you can get from proper eating and cardio excersises but my upper body certainly became significantly huge
This Is My Review Of 100% Whey Protein Performance

Low quality dont buy
by Mr Foster

Dont buy this. They have cut the protein in this product. They are slowly removing it . I went to buy some today and it is now 17 grams. It started at 35 years ago and they slowly remove it. My current jug of this has 20 grams. What a scam

GNC Whey Protein
by DA

I have been using this product for about three years and I have found the quality to be very inconsistent. The last tub of this I had mixed beautifully. I don't have a shaker cup, I just stir the powder into cold water, and I had a nice smooth protein drink that was almost like chocolate milk. The current tub I have refuses to dissolve in water!! The powder just floats on the top of the water and won't stir in easily. I end up with lumps of powder in the water, and powder all over the kitchen counter because it's all floating on the top rather than blending in so it splashes out of the cup -- and I slowly pour in the powder as I stir, so it's not like I am dumping the whole scoop in at once. I was glad to see another reviewer having a similar problem with this product.

Taste is the still the same, and it's really good, for the Chocolate at least. I once ended up with a tub of the Chocolate Caramel by mistake, and didn't notice it until after the return period was over, and tried it anyway and it was horrible!! It was this sickeningly sweet crud that didn't taste like chocolate or caramel... ugh. The regular Chocolate is pretty good, though.

However, after this experience with the dissolving problem, I think this is the last tub I am buying of this. I have had tubs in the past that didn't blend well, and that seems to be a problem: one batch to the next is never the same. This last one is the worst I've ever come across so far, and will be last I buy of this product.

post workout protein
by Leroy

Pro performance 100percent protein is a very good post workout protein . If you take the recommended dose right after your workout you get recovery on those sore muscles.

by Anonymous

Fantastic results! Love the taste, especially cookies and cream. Tastes best in milk, but good in water too

by Fit

Its a great meal replacement and it dissolves easily into whatever you want to mix it with...and it also taste great!!

by jay

awesome taste

the shit wack
by buff man

yoll i have 4 scoops a day mate do 7 exercises 4 sets 10 repps this stuff is a muscle buiding machine look out vin diesle buff man is bulking up it works yoll

by Matt

This stuff is amazing! It's easy to dissolve and tastes great. Not like other powders that you need a blender to dissolve, I can do it all by just stirring. Taste is fantastic. Great to use after the gym or just for meal replacement or to get your daily intake of protein.

Vanilla is Good
by Debbie

I bought this product because frankly I wasn't eating properly. I do workout but not as a bodybuilder; just to maintain good health. If you mix the vanilla power with a half a banana, a few grapes, and other fruit along with light vanilla soy milk and ice, you have an awesome shake.

great product
by Mike R

I have been using this product for the past two months, i added 20 pounds to my bench max so far. I've began doing cardio, the only thing I worry about is that I will never get a six pack because I'm using this product.

Pro Performance
by Steve O

If you are frequenting the gym, then I absolutely recommend this product. Glutamine is a great addition to the mix (decreases soreness and increases stamina) and there is an overall nice mix of amino acids.

Two reasons this product gets bad reviews:

TASTE - If you are hung up about taste, you can spend the extra money to get other products. i personally don't think it tastes bad and that shouldn't even matter if you are serious about your exercise program.

NO RESULT - I suspect that these reviewers aren't properly following a correct muscle-building/exercise program. You cannot expect to see muscle build if you aren't eating right or performing exercises incorrectly (regardless of using the powder). You MUST eat protein rich foods in addition to this (most experts recommend 3 additional protein-rich meals), you MUST perform exercises correctly and increase weights over spans of time, and you MUST NOT neglect water intake or skip work outs.

by Kristy

This is a good product that produces results! I recommend!

by whatthecrunchyo

I just recently started lifting again. I've been at it for about a month and a half now. I'm certainly no slouch when it comes to work ethic in the weight room. I was skeptical when I went into GNC at first the guy said that this stuff isn't as good as the one next to it (which was $20 more I might add), but I said, "Ah, why not? I'm just starting back anyway. It's better than nothing and it's a buy 2 get one half off deal right now." Anyway, I've gained about 10 lbs on my normal bench weight and have noticed my muscles have gotten bigger all around. I take two scoops right after I work out. I have vanilla and chocolate caramel. Chocolate caramel is awesome and vanilla is just ok when it comes to taste. I like it...I'll probably buy some more soon because I'm about to be running on empty.

Athlete, Soldier
by Tony

GNC's Whey protein is manufactured by Optimum Nutrition. This is no secret look it up or just ask next time your in GNC. GNC 100% whey protein is top of the line and very effective. It doesn't taste the best, but true athletes don't drink whey for the taste. If great taste is a goal of yours then go to Dairy Queen and sit on your biscuit and get fat. Whey Protein is a tool, use it as such. Eat to live, don't live to eat.

so far, so good
by LordProtein42

I just finished my first bucket of this stuff (3 servings every day...yeah lol it went fast), and I don't know if it's this stuff or just the power lifting in general (cause I started lifting only a few months before I started drinking this stuff), but I've gotten so much bigger only after a month of using this stuff. No joke. I can't imagine how much bigger I'm going to get in the next few months. I highly recommend 100% Whey protein. I'm about to order my next bucket!

by joey

Used for 8 months. It helped me gain weight and muscle!

Great stuff
by Ryan

I personal use this product and it has done wonders for me. in one summer from drinking it all summer I gained 20 pounds of muscle. If your an athele, weight trainer, etc use this product. All you want it whey protein to gain muscle.

by Santos

Strong flavor(like having dust),it won't dissolve as fast as they say in water and stick very hard in the blender. Only one time I bought it and cause stomach problems. No more!

My mom and me
by Jr

My mom and me used this product for awhile and although it didn't really have any effects on me as far as muscle building it did help my mom alot and the Chocolate and Cookies n'cream are pretty good.

Good for runners
by kyle

I started using this protein last year during cross country season. My 5k time usually drops a min and 15 seconds over the course of the season. last season it dropped well over 2 minutes. My legs were never tired, recovery time was faster than ever, and i gained the "runners leg" look that ive been striving for. great product!

by margarita

My older son has this and it smells great when he makes it and it also works he says.

it works
by Nancy G.

Thomas (little brother) says it works fine and he's been using it for about a year. He didnt' have any reactions to it and says it doesn't taste too bad either.

Pretty good flavors
by pinoy

I really like this one because of the variety of flavors.

whey protein
by sharon malone

My 2 older sons use this product everyday. They are physical education, teachers, personal trainers, and work out everyday. This gives them protein and energy to get through the day. They enjoyed the taste also.

Several flavors; good taste
by Megan

This is my husband's current favorite whey supplement. Chocolate, he says, is the best flavor. It's really helped him in the gym. It doesn't settle in the bottom of the shaker, either, which really sets it apart from many other kinds of whey protein.

by lesa

I have used this whey product from GNC because it has a good flavor and unlike some other whey protein products that I have tried it is not too chalky.

Good protein supplement
by Nichole Alderfer

I have used several whey protein shakes and like gnc because it has one of the easiest to drink. It is not as chalky as some of the others and mixes better.

Okay protein...
by Randy

This is a little expensive, but i am stilll going to stick to my ON whey.

The Strawbwrry IS NASTY!!!!
by Dave

I've only tried the Strawberry and its not that tasty. I would not recommend buying this product on the taste alone.

Great Product
by Dave

My friends have been using this product to bulk up for football season. And all of them have been getting great results. For instance, adding 2-3 inches on their arms and chest. Great product if you have high metabolism too. The negatives is the taste. When i first started the taste was disgusting! it tasted like chalk. But you get use to it. Milk is great to mix it with. I pour 9-11 oz. milk in a poland spring bottle and 1 scoop of it, and it makes a great mixer! RESULTS ARE GREAT!

by Dakota

This stuff is the bomb! Take about 2 scoops before a VERY good workout and you will be gaining muscle mass in no time. Make sure to throw cardio into your daily activities. Everything has a downfall and the only one for this is that if you not doing any cardio, then you will get a belly (and i dont mean that in a good way).

by fito

Well i have tried this before and honestly i do not think i saw much improovement. I think i got faster results from gnc xxx protein shakes, and i believe is difficult to stir in the cup. The price is descent but hmm.


Hands down

Great source of protein!
by jake laura

Ive been a professional weightlifter for 7 years now and i since i started ive been using this product. i honestly never tried other supplements (even creatine and other protein tablets). this is the reason why i won all the bodybuilding contest ive joined(8 bodybuilding contests). i take this once a day only and i recommend this product so much.

Better than egg protein
by Stanimir yordanov

I like whey protein way better than the egg one. The price is affordable and the product is very good. After two of the packages, I have added almost 2 inches of muscle on my arms. Very happy with the product.

Good Product
by Kelly

I used this product while doing a fruit diet for about a week. It was a great source of protein without making me feel too full or upsetting my stomach. I used this with milk, and I actually do not like milk by itself. When I could get it mixed well, it actually tasted pretty good. It gave me the energy that I needed and I would recommend this product.

Does the job
by Jason

Mixes allright, not the best, but makes a good drink. Using a blender will definitely help. Good price and the added in glutamine definitely will help your recovery time at the gym.

Works Well
by Tim

I have been using this product for about a year now. A teammate on my football team let me have one of his and I have been using it ever since. I have been loving the results. I drink this right after my workout and have been noticing bigger, more noticeable muscles. It tastes better than most of the other protein drinks out there. It really gets the job done. The only thing that could possibly be improved is the taste. I will continue to use this product.

Good stuff, if you can force it down!!
by Jordan S

GNC 100% Whey Protein is pretty decent stuff from the outside. A pretty solid amino acid profile and decently high overall protein concentration, along with the "extra pound" over standard 5-pound tubs, makes it pretty attractive! Plus, it's highly available at all GNC retailers which are all over. I personally have choked down about 12 pounds of this stuff in chocolate flavor. With milk, I could tolerate it, if I mixed it just right, and didn't get any clumps, but with water it was a constant struggle! It seems as though GNC may have occasional issues with quality control of their protein at times. I certainly could tell an improvement in recovery time and quicker improvement in muscular strength while taking this, but for me, it just wasn,t worth the pain of drinking it! I would prefer to stick with ON 100% Whey Gold or Dymatize Elite Whey for about the same price and a much better taste!

Great product
by Jamey Bowser

I use the Chocolate and it tastes great, mixes easily in a shaker bottle and is a great bargain. Even taking up to 6 scoops a day with lowfat milk it doesn't upset my stomach. This is a great addition to your workout training table.

Get Pumped !
by Timon Tran

I have been using this protein supplement for close to 6 months and I love the results I got. Adding the 10g of protein to my cereal every morning, and my power shakes midday maximized my workouts. I was able to bulk up in less than 6 months gaining almost 10lbs in muscle mass. This product by far tastes the best as it comes in different tasty flavors and is relatively cheap if you buy in bulk sizes.

Good whey protein drink
by Amy

I try to get in my protein where I can and not use a ton of calories getting there. This drink is a good supplement. It is so good and I just combined it with water. It tastes like chocolate milk. It also fills you up and you aren't hungry for a couple of hours. This power helps you get in all your protein the easy way.

Tastes good - extra protein
by extrawork

I currently am using this protein, although in a smaller size container. I add it to smoothies in the morning as part of the Abs Diet. I usually only use about half a scoop, but that extra 10 grams of protein per half-scoop is probably enough to supplement my normal intake of protein. I have the vanilla flavor, and it's pretty good. Not overpowering, but it adds a little sweetness and flavor to whatever else I put in the blender - fruit, oatmeal, milk, etc. It also dissolves nicely so it's not grainy either - something I've found other protein products are not as good for.

Good Stuff
by Josh

This by far is the best whey protein I have used. It is the best amount of protein for the price. Unlike most whey protein, this one tastes pretty good. I like it best with milk and blending with some ice to make a shake. If you want to get the most out of work workouts and build lean muscle, this is will get the job done.

by Jeremy Rose

I like this product. It is wonderful in a smoothie or a shake. There is the typical taste of a protein supplement after taking this, but I have learned to love that. I bulked up fast and was able to maintain with this product. I did gain a good bit of weight. For me, that was a good thing.

Good Choice for Daily Use
by Lisa

As an avid weight-lifter my husband uses this product on a daily basis, even on days he is not at the gym. He is always trying to gain muscle mass, but I would not recommend this product if you are trying to lose weight. Personally, I have tried it (usually he makes it in smoothies with milk and fruit) and I think it has a bad aftertaste, but I'm not the one who has to drink it!

Rose by any other name
by Srij

It's whey protein. From what I have gathered, its cheap to manufacture and there is just so much it does. Any old brand will do you good enough. I tried this when I first started working out. It helped lower my downtime (felt the soreness go away quicker). But the current one I use (generic brand) seems to work the same way. I don't feel any difference between the two. SO I can back the part about the reducing protien breakdown during exercise and providing a ready supply of protien so you can recuperate faster, but any other brand would do that too.

100% Whey Protein
by MK

For protein whey, this is the very first product that I have used. I have been using it for six months now. I have tried both the Vanilla and Strawberry. The Vanilla one tastes quite good. I mix it up with frozen Strawberries, skim milk, and ice. However, I do not like the Strawberry one because it makes my protein shake more firm-forcing me to add more ice and skim milk. I work out five days a week (an hour per day)and I have seen results.

Whey Protein
by Albert

This was one of my first protein supplements I have had and it hasn't dissapointed me. The taste is ok compared to others but the results speak for themselves. This is a good "safe-bet" protein supplement to try and you will see the results for yourself.

by Samantha

My boyfriend uses this... he likes the chocolate flavor and thinks that it helps. Personally, I haven't seen it work very well, no matter how much he exercises (shh!). Questionable.

I've had worse...
by serge howard

This is your basic "I've never tried protein before, which one should I buy" protein. It leaves a lot to be desired with the taste and the results. There are much better ones out there.

This is ok
by Garrett Black

Well, I have used this product a lot. My grandpa thinks I need to grow some muscle so last time I went to his house he baked cookies with this and put it in everything. I ate and made myself lift weights every day. It didn't work that great but it still did work.

GNC Whey
by Startnout

I used GNC brand for about 2 years once I started lifting. The flavor is weak.... A protein shake with this is like drinking cold hot cocoa... Why drink it when there is other stuff better? I've tried the strawberry and the vanilla (both taste nasty to me... I usually don't like these flavors). When I was buying from GNC, it was a good deal for budget protein. It kept me satisfied for a while, then I moved on...

by TM

I tried this product a year ago and the flavors taste horrible and don't mix well. For the money I would definitely go with ON's 100% Whey, and for a little bit more my favorite whey protein supplement- Champion Nutritions Pure Whey Protein Stack.

5 Customer Opinions

Results over Taste
by Kevin

I have read most of these comments and reviews and I hear about is how good and bad this thing tastes.

Seriously, if you want something delicious. Go get yourself a Shake at McDonalds. Having good or bad taste isn't the purpose of taking Whey Protein.

Yes, It is okay to suggest the taste, but that shouldn't be the whole review.

I would like to see someone let me know with results and calories. Different people have different results to doing things so just because you didn't like the taste doesn't mean someone else won't.

I took the cookies and cream with cold cold water and it was tolerable. A lot better than what I have had in the past, but my main concern is how this product will help me recovery and build mass.

I don't plan on getting cock diesel, but of course taking this and working out for results is entirely up to you. If you want big muscles, then use big weights. I prefer to cut down on weight and work on reps.

I had a choice to take a more lean approach, but good things come with price. I got a 2lb for 32 dollars. If I was to get the other stuff, 2lb was going to be 67 dollars.

Yes, there are a little more calories per service plus not as many amino acids, but I can do with that by taking a vitamin pill.

Besides, I am a very big guy who needs more calories in my diet, so it doesn't hurt me much. Maybe for a smaller guy or girl who needs less calories might be different.

Of course with every diet, you need to watch your calories and exercise plus you need lots of water regardless. Just because you take a supplement doesn't mean you can slack on the other stuff.

If anyone can give me a few details. For instance, how many times you took this stuff per day. How long did you work out for with reps and weights and what kind of results did you see throughout the months?

by roy

ON whey protein is better. dont waste your money on this stuff.

by sinclown

all that i am reading for the majority is how great it tastes, I just purchased some and the object of main importance is not taste; Results from consumption: Decreased fatigue, endurance gains, decreased soreness or stiffness after its use.Anything useful along those lines that has been experienced?

Personal Trainer
by Ulysses Woods

This is a great tasting product. I purchase it at GNC and what I like most about it is that you can purchase it one pouch at a time for less than two dollars. Oh yeah, it mixes well too.

Whey Protein
by Josh

I personally love the taste,so far i have only tasted strawberry and planning to rebuy a different taste for a little mix-up, the berry one looked good so that one is next, great selection of tastes also easy to mix if you follow the instructions, great for begginers.
Only negative is that you get hungry right away after you take this product post-workout how your supposed to take it.