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Pro Permormance Mega Whey
by Jeremy Fish

While working out I noticed I was losing weight and not gaining as much as I wanted. Thats when I started using whey protein, I tried a couple of different products but Pro Performance Mega Whey gave me the best results. Easy to take with no aftertaste and effective results made this an easy choice for me.

Great Product
by Becky

My husband has a whole cabinet full of this stuff. He mixes a shake up for himself with this everyday. He has done this for about 3 years now. GNC has lots of good products, and that's how he was introduced to this. Tastes nasty - I tried it myself. My husband would definitely recommend this to anyone as a good energy booster and health choice.

The Best
by Robert

This stuff is great. Even if you don't work out a lot it will help you. I work out very minimally but just by taking this before and after I workout, it has helped me at least by 30 lbs. And that's because I have only been taking it for about 2 months.

Value for money
by Michelle

This is a high quality product for a reasonable price, especially if you get the monthly GNC discount by being a member. The taste is OK, I have had better and much worse, but for the price you get good value for money.

Great stuff
by Troy

I love this whey protein. I drink it after I get down lifting weights and I'll mix it up as a shake with some ice cream. It tastes good and I feel it's a lot better than Creatine, which I also tried and was very disappointed with. I didn't have any weird side effects with this whey protein and I would recommend it to anyone.

Gain weight and don't kill your wallet
by Neil Patel

I bought 2 containers of GNC Pro Performance whey protein about six months ago. I have been taking it almost every day since then. I work out almost every day as well and have seen nice results. I am vegetarian and therefor I don't eat meat. This product has helped me build mass and provided me with much needed protein. This product can help anyone who works out get the protein they need and it doesn't taste bad either.

No frills, get's job done
by Andrew

This is a cost effective and convenient way to get the protein you need to build muscles. I have been taking this for a year now, and have put on some good muscle mass. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles that other protein powders do, but it tastes good and is cheap!

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