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by Carl Sampson

Gave me that extra energy to move forward. A little high on the sugar or carb content.


This is a great product i've used it for one year and the first time i tried it i seen results in a week my biceps exploded right away, i gained two inches my first two weeks and still growing.i recommend nitro-tech to anybody who really wants big gains.nitro-tech is awesome

by Daddy Trav

I admit I believed the hype and bought some...HUGE mistake I almost puked in the gym and tossed and turned for about 3 hours trying to go to sleep....My opinion is that I'm going back to Muscle Milk...Its great tasting stuff and I noticed the results right away.

by High School Football Player

this product is hard to say is great! it gets the job done and you gain muscle and you start lifting alot more but is it worth the horrible taste like you dont even want to take the product cause you feel like you will throw up and it gives you a terrible smelling gas and you can't avoid your own gas cause you're the one letting it out so...

gets the job done but theres a price to pay...

total crap
by greg

Just wanted to put in my 2 cents about this product. First of all, it does not not mix well with either water or milk, which means drinking chalky tasting clumps every time. Secondly, it made me sick to my stomach and gave me terrible gas/diahrea. What upsets me most is that this stuff was highly recommended to me by a salesman at GNC. This is the second time i've been steered wrong by those morons. In my opinion, the best protein out there is Pro Performance's Mega Whey Extreme. Is a bit expensive, however. I've heard the best for the money is Optimum's 100% Whey. I plan on trying this next. Anyway, to sum up, don't waste your money on this stuff.

Whey Disgusting
by lpzie

I'm giving this product 3 stars, average rating, because it tastes HORRIBLE, but it does the job. Admittedly, I only tried chocolate. And let me tell you, I tried it with everything I could. First with water, then with milk, hot milk, coffee, and even orange juice. I started sprinkling it on my food to avoid tasting it. A few times I even packed it up and swallowed the raw powder. It was so disgusting. And there's an after taste that just lingers for hours and hours. You can taste it every time you burp. I tried drowning that out with other stronger liquid/foods, but nothing could defeat Nitro-Tech.

As for performance, I was satisfied (or rather, satisfied as much I could be while trying not to gag.) If you need whey protein, please don't buy this. There's others out there that taste AWESOME and I highly recommend!

by Jon

Nitro-Tech is one of the most effective proteins I have ever used. When I compare it to other different brands, mainly the GNC one, the price you pay for it is compensated by the extras in the protein. As a user, I definitely saw improvements in the weight room, and I had more strength. The only downside to the protein is the taste, but the best part is that you can mix the protein with anything.

Not your average whey!
by ihscav99

All whey proteins are essentially similar - except for this one. This isn't just whey protein; it contains other supplements that help your body metabolize and use it in the most effective way possible. I gained more strength and weight with Nitrotech than the cheaper whey protein you can buy. Two scoops twice a day is what give me the best results. All the flavors are actually pretty good, surprisingly.

by William

Not the best tasting Whey, Not the cheapest, but the technology Muscle-Tech pours into every canister is incredible. The advanced ingredients is what affects the taste and price, but you will definitely get the bang for your buck. Whey assimilates very quickly in the body, so I like to drink a shake before working out so I can really push myself to the limit.

Tastes Great
by Robert

I actually enjoy drinking this after workouts because it tastes good and isn't gritty tasting like some of the fruity protein supplements.

Effective Product
by Shannon

This is the best protein that my husband ever used. He put on healthy weight, and had a significant amount of strength improvement with it. The taste is good; he loved the vanilla flavor, which tasted sweet, like cake batter. He found that it is easier to take when mixed with milk. The only negative thing about Nitro-Tech is that it is way overpriced.

Did the job, but overpriced
by Ryan

Now this stuff really does help you get bigger and gain strength. My friend recommended this to me and I decided to try it. It worked well, but then I started to shop around and found that this product is overpriced. There are better products out there, but if you have the cash to spend, this stuff works.

Ok stuff
by janice weiner

I found that my muscle strength was raised by taking this product. I found the taste a little too sweet for my liking. I found the price a little too expensive, but overall, the product does work.

Not bad
by Stacy

I have tried nitro-tech and designer and although the nitro tastes much better, it's also twice as expensive. Vanilla designer tastes horrible but chocolate is alright. All in all though it is my favorite, just as long as you can master the quick gulp before you taste it. It is a high quality protein though, and provides great quick, relatively cheap protein support.

Waste of money!!
by JH

I'm sure this works, but for the price, you can get a bigger tub of high quality protein from a different company and save money. Muscle tech products are overpriced for what they do. They should stop putting so many ads in magazines and drop their prices, do not get caught up in the Muscle Tech hype.

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Tastes Like Buttcrack
by DudeMAn

Don't buy tropical punch it, tastes horrible. But it does get the job done.