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mom of 4
by nancy

My husband and I use this for two different reasons. I use it with my coffee in the morning for my breakfast. He use's it as a work out supplement. We both just love the taste of this and tell as many people as we can.

Excellent "All Natural" Whey Protein
by Brian D

I purchased 5 lbs. of the "NOW" non-flavored "all-natural" Whey Protein a month ago. I am very impressed with the quality of this protein as I have good results. It is quite nice to take a high quality protein without the artificial flavor and sweetners. This protein is the real-deal...

I prefer other brands...
by Drew M

This was the first brand of whey protein I ever had, and it left me with the impression that whey just wasn't for me. It has a chalky flavor with a fairly poor aftertaste. Price-wise it is a bit more appealing than most, but if you want a whey protein shake you can enjoy there are much better options.

Two Thumbs Up!
by Pearl

We found this at GNC and have been wanting to find a good Whey product to put in our Health Shakes we make in the mornings. The taste isn't bad. My husband loves the chocolate and I get the Vanilla. The price is just right since we go through tons of this wonderful product. Mix it with ice, some fresh fruit and some OJ and you have you a wonderful shake that will keep you feeling full until lunch time. I highly recommend Whey Protein to anyone that is dieting or into fitness or just wants a healthy drink.

good product
by will

Solid product that in the chocolate form is actually something that tastes reasonably well. It is less pricey than some of the "leaders" in the product field, but I had just as good results (if not better) from this product as I have had with the others.

Best buy
by prashant

I have been taking whey protein for the past 2yrs. This is the single best protein supplement in today's market. The price is affordable and tastes good. Whey protein with weight lifting are the perfect combo for gaining extra muscle.

High Protein, great taste
by Michele Fair

We've been making protein shakes with wheat grass and it took us quite a while to find a good whey protein mix. Now's Whey Protein makes a great addition to any health shake, and the taste is good as well. I highly recommend this particular product over some other brands I have tried in the past.

This will show you the whey
by R. Todd Woodstock

If you are looking for some high-quality whey protein at an affordable price, this whey is the only way. It provides some essential aminos with enough protein to satisfy any weightlifter's needs. Chocolate is the best tasting. It's time to try NOW.

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