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by keith martin

This by far is the best tasting, bang for your buck protein on the market today!!!!

Gets the Job Done
by Denise

As with any protein supplement, this gets the job done. It gives you the adequate protein you need for your personal requirements (clearly you use common sense to figure out what that may be, not necessarily going by the serving size). The taste and mixability I find to be mediocre. It's not disgusting, but it's not great either. Clearly, as with most protein supplements, mixed with milk always tastes better, but I use water.

ON 100% Whey protein
by Bm25os

This protein is the best i have ever tasted. It keeps me skeptical about the real contents of the powder! (Hopefully it is what they say) Good amount of protein with great taste.

Can't be beat, the best
by HZhu

Of all the protein I have taken, muscle milk, GNC protein, High power whey protein, Optimum is the best. Optimum whey has the best flavors. The vanilla flavor really tastes like a vanilla milk shake when you use it. In addition, it does not have all the cholesterol and fat that muscle milk and other proteins have. This is the foundation for building muscle. The whey protein isolates has helped me to better absorb the protein and given me noticeable gains in the gym. This product is worth the money.

by R. Shah

Most whey proteins taste bad, but ON 100% whey taste great. I love the Double Chocolate flavor mixed with milk. Not only does it taste good but it works. After using this daily for 2 months I have noticed better gains when lifting weights. I have also notice that I gained some weight with this product, but it is an increase in muscle mass. You can't go wrong with this stuff!!

2nd to one..
by Jordan S

100% Whey Gold truly is a very solid "budget" protein. You can get the stuff 10 pounds at a time for around 55 bucks. In addition to being a very good protein, the price is extraordinary! It's one of the few that you drink, and expect to cringe, as with most protein powders, but you don't! I personally always stuck with the Chocolate, and as long as I didn't have it 20 pounds in a row, I never really got sick of it! At least not when I mixed it with milk. I'd say the only protein I would recommend over ONs 100% Whey Gold would have to be Dymatize Elite Whey. The Cafe Mocha is the absolute best tasting protein I've ever had, with a very good blend of ingredients also! Plus, it's usually 5-10 bucks cheaper than ON 100% for 10 pounds! Check it out. Either whey, you cant go wrong! :)

Great product
by Jamey B

Although I am not currently using this product, I have in the past and it is exceptional. No bloating, tastes fantastic and mixes easily. Not to mention the protein quality is top notch. I have several friends who will use nothing but. Add this to your training table if want want a quality protein supplement.

Whey up there on my list!
by Jeremy P

This stuff, by far, has got to be some of the best out there! For one, I absolutely LOVE the taste! For two, I love the price for the amount you get. For three, every since I've been using this since the summer of 2005 I have noticed less of the bad weight and more of the good weight (MUSCLE). I have recommended this to my wife, even though she's personally not a fan of increasing muscle mass.

Excellent WHEY
by Heath

My friend, a dedicated weight lifter, recommended this specific kind of protein powder to me two years ago and I have not bought anything different since. All flavors taste decent with the exception of Tropical Punch, which is usually on sale due to the fact that not many people like the taste. The chocolate flavors are best with milk or water, while the vanillas and Cream and Cookie are great blended with a smoothie. WHEY protein supplement has had a positive effect on my muscle gain and I highly recommend it.

Tastes good for a change!!
by Jordan

My teammate recommended this to me some time ago, and I finally got around to trying it, and I'm happy that I did. Unlike other protein mixes, this one tasted pretty good and did not cause me to feel nauseous. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a protein mix to use.

WHEY to go
by Nazim

I have heard different remarks on using Protein but I can say this with confidence that Whey has worked for me better than anything. It is quick and easy to make. I have tried the Strawberry and Vanilla flavor and I can say that they are both delicious. There is not a protein supplement out there which tastes better than Whey. If you are looking for something good and healthy before or after excercising, then WHEY is the WHEY to go!!!

by Jarmelia

I used to drink spoiled milk that would separate and that's how I got my whey. This tastes by far better and it is actually making me feel better than that spoiled milk. I love the taste especially with milk and a banana. Yummy! I forget this is actually healthy for me.

Quality whey protein
by Sara

I have tried many others and the ON Natural Whey is the best. It's less chalky tasting than others, and mixes in well with liquids. If you're looking for a whey protein supplement for bodybuilding, this is the "whey" to go!

Best tasting protein
by Tyler

I've been working out for years and everyone knows how important it is to have an adequate amount of protein in your system but the taste is what turns most away...For me I mix it up with water instead and it goes down much easier than with milk and the taste is actually pretty good.. I recommend this to all my friends

Shakes taste so good.
by JH

First of all, you can find the Optimum Nutrition whey a lot cheaper than what is stated here (MSRP), so it ends up being a pretty good deal. Whey should be the number one essential building block of muscle for any bodybuilder. Get the chocolate flavor, blend with peanut butter, banana, ice, and water (and honey for simple carbs post workout for better protein uptake), and you got yourself a great tasting shake. Try different amounts of each ingredient until you get the taste/consistency you like, and you will not be disappointed.

Whey is milk powder.
by Shreyas Patel

This is the best way to get your muscles rebuilt after workout. Only bad thing is that it doesn't always taste like vanilla in your milk. Add a little bit of strawberry or chocolate powder and it tastes good enough to drink with dinner.

Good flavor
by Corey

I especially loved the chocolate mint. I work out every day, and taste is very important to me. A product that delivers on its promise and it tastes great.

Good source of the right protein
by Brad

If your into weightlifting or any type of bodybuilding activity, you need the proper diet and nutrition to see results. Sometimes you have to sacrifice taste to achieve proper nutrition, but not with this one. You have so many flavors to choose from and they are GOOD flavors too. I like the original strawberry and chocolate the best!

Its good
by Startnout

The chocolate is OK, its nothing special anymore. But the chocolate mint is out of this world awesome. Tastes great in a post-workout shake.

by TM

For the price, this is the best protein you can buy. Great flavor, dissolves easily, and decent amino profile.

Great product
by Jeff

This is a great product. The flavor is excellent, and like all of Optimum's products, the quality is superb. I would highly recommend this whey.

100% Whey Gold
by Cassandra Cooper

My favorite protein supplement because it easily dissolves. There are no clumps left. It tastes great too!

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thumbs up
by bob

This by far is the best protein on the market. I have used this for years.