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The Mayas were the first to use cocoa beans from the tropical Amazon rainforest to make a thick, rich liquid known as "chocolate" which they shared hundreds of years later with Christopher Colombus. However, it was not until 1528, when Hernan Cortes returned to Spain with the cocoa beans and the supplement to make chocolate, that Europeans truly began to value cocoa.

The Spaniards created their own variety of drinking chocolate which became popular within the Spanish courts. Nevertheless, due tp the short supply of cocoa beans, the secret of how to make chocolate. More recently, scientists have discovered and patented tne ingredients found in certain natural plant extracts that are equally valuable and favor memory.

Memory Secret Inc. has become a pioneer in the commercialization of memory-enhancing cocoa. Sit back and relax with the taste of MEMOCAO, a new adventure that combines unforgettable discoveries.
Product: MEMOCAO
Brand: Memory Secret Inc. (More Products)
Size: 12 packets
Dosage: Use as needed.
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