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Stops the STRESS!
by Jeremy P

This stuff is ideal for parents who have newborns around the house. The blend of ingredients works well for your central nervous system, which gets tested when you have to cut your sleep every 2 hours for baby duty. Since sleep deprivation can cause you to get easily stressed out, I feel that this is a MUST in those types of circumstances. I strongly suggest this for parents, college students, athletes, and the over-worked. The price is excellent but the results are priceless. Since 2004, when my wife had our youngest daughter, we have turned to this as a miracle healer.

Helps With School.
by Trudi Konzem

My 18 yr old son takes this stress complex to help ease his anxiety at school mostly when it comes to exam times. He says it really helps and he will ask for it often. He takes it to when the girls are giving him problems at school. It helps a lot when he feels sad and heartbroken, Oh those mean girls! I have used it occasionally but I'm to busy with four boys to have the time to notice whether I'm stressed or not. Those time I have taken I have felt more relaxed within an hour and have been able to sleep really well. I would describe it as a healthy alternative to smoking.

Not Worth It
by Tami

I've been stressed out with work and this product didn't work at all. It made me sleep, feel weird and just lazy. I'm taking prescription meds and they work good. This product is just of waste of money.

Stay away
by Jennifer Bell

This did nothing for me but make me irritable and sleepy. I needed to relax and calm down a while so I could get some rest, but while I got sleepy, I just got more irritable than I was already. I am fond on most Natrol products, but not this.

Nothing Happened
by Tejas

Nothing happened when I took these pills. The only thing that I noticed was I became more stupid. The best thing for stress would be a shower, back rub and a nap.

Not worth the money.
by Shreyas Patel

I was able to relieve all my stress of the upcoming finals, however I realized after that all it did was pull me out of it. I was not even able to study. I was just in a different zone that made me really lazy.

Don't Buy This
by C S R

This product was a total bomb for me. I needed to calm my nerves, lower my stress level, stop my insomnia, and be able to concentrate more on the task at hand rather than having random thoughts creep in each time I looked at someone/something. I do have to admit, that I ended up going on prescription meds because we were unable to find a natural product that sufficed. With Stress Complex the random thoughts continued, I still would wake up several times per night and the stress I was feeling did not subside at all.

Save your money
by Christy Ward

Stress complex is a total waste of money. I generally tend to like Natrol brand products but Stress complex can't do anything but put you to sleep. Of course you are less stressed if you are sleeping but then you get more irritated if you are sleepy during the day, when you need to be most productive. Stress complex does not make you feel less stressed out, it just makes you tired.

Stress Complex
by Christy R.

I was really surprised that these worked, but after a week or so of taking them I found that I was noticeably less stressed and a bit less anxious about things as well. I was very pleased with this result and I would not ever stop taking them at this point, because they really do help and make a difference.

Seems to work.
by Jessica

My mother stocked one cabinet with about 15 bottles of this after she made her first purchase. She was recommended this product by her friend at the gym after complaining that she was so tense and stressed that working out just wasn't working out. After a few weeks, my mother felt replenished and rejuvenated. Seeing it was worth more than the price being asked for, about $9.50, she stocked up and now keeps them in her big medicine cabinet.

not too sold on this product
by tinkerboooo

I don't think this worked at all for me, I wanted to stop worrying and calm. I took this and it seemed to not do that. Needless to say, I did not even get sleepy.

by Herman

My mother started taking these pills after she felt too tired every day after work. After about 2 weeks, she looked noticeably better. She was a lot less grouchy after work and she sleeps like a baby at night!

Relaxation in a bottle
by nikki

I do have a problem with anxiety and was willing to try anything. I could not get the Dr to prescribe anything for me that worked. I tried Stress Complex and after about a month, I did notice a difference. I was less restless, stressed out and basically felt balanced. Excellent product.

Love it
by B Turner

I took this while working two jobs and being really stressed out both physically and mentally. It really helped me to settle down after a hectic day and just relax.

by Julia

This product is very amazing. It helps in a lot of ways. It is a type of medicine that gives you a good, positive feeling, like a good high on life. It makes you feel so relaxed, so relieved of the day, and helps you feel and think more positive, and sleep more peacefully.

Great product
by lori strehle

I really like this product. I think that it has really helped me to get a better night's sleep which makes me much more productive each day. It is a great value for the price and I highly recommend it.

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