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Playing it cool
by Al R.

An ex-girlfriend told me about this 2 years ago. I was tense, stressed, name it. Despite all of my online research, I had never even thought about this. After taking regularly, she noticed I was much more at ease. Not more knots in my shoulders or tightened jaw. This seems like the only alternative to relax for me. I have it on hand to deal with the tense times of the year at work. There's nothing NOT to like about this.

Very Good Product
by Sassyswt

My husband and I have been taking this for about 6 weeks, and he has noticed a huge improvement in his anxiety. I have noticed that I feel a lot better and it has helped curb my appetite to assist me on my diet. I highly recommend this product.

This is a GREAT product
by Kim

My husband and I both take 5-HTP-100 mg and it's Amazing!!! We have both said that it helps with nervousness and tension. Highly recommend!

by Paula

I suffer from mild depression as well as anxiety. Taking 100 mg 5 HTP a day has been more beneficial than prescription medications. I have no side effects compared to the prescription remedies. I can function better without a sedative effect. It took about a month before I could really feel the difference.

Natural mood stabilizer
by Janie Z.

This is the best!! If you suffer from bi-polar, depression, or even if you need help sleeping, this is for you. As a long time user of 5 HTP, taking 2 pills daily keeps my depression at bay. I recommend it. Many people in my family use this because of bi-polar disorder. I choose it because it was a natural alternative to prescription meds.

Tryptophan Calm!
by Carrie Russell

5-HTP is a precursor to know, the stuff in Turkey & Milk that puts you to sleep. I have had terrible insomnia most of my life, and 5-HTP seems to help with the sleep issue, and possible the depression that causes me to not be able to fall asleep, bonus!

Not your average happy pill
by Valerie M.

As a long time sufferer of bipolar disorder, I try to keep things as natural as possible. 5-HTP is mild yet effective in giving your seratonin level a little boost (there are other supplements to use in conjunction with 5-HTP for best results) without going the way of the anti-depressant. Sometimes it takes longer to work for people, but in others it is possible to feel the results in a few days.

For Melancholy and Nervousness
by Danica

I used this product in combination with L-Tyrosine (an amino acid) to cure over focused ADD (see six types of attention deficit disorder) and general anxiety. After about a month, I noticed I was significantly less nervous, the intensity of my muscle tension had decreased, and I had virtually no more jaw tightness. 5-HTP, on its own, allowed me to fall asleep at night, after about 6 months of restlessness. I still suffered from a bit of depression, but felt I was better able to cope. This allowed for some detachment from things, so that I could view my life a bit more objectively; I did not worry as much, and I did not suffer from "the zombie effect" that some people claim occurs with prescription medication (I felt like the same person, only calmer). I began with a 50 mg dosage and worked my way up to 100 mg; I recommend consistent usage for best results.

Mental & Emotional Balance
by Chrislyn

I used 5-HTP right after I had my last son. My son was extremely premature so my hormones were out of wack. It acted on me like a natural tranquilizer. It helped me while battling post partum depression and to cope with worries at the time.

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