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Sumacazon is an adaptogenic formula that strengthens the body's ability to handle stress.It promotes hormonal balance by nourishing the endocrine glands (thyroid, adrenals, etc.). It helps strengthen the skeletal structure, renews muscle tone and enhances libido. The endocrine system includes the adrenals, thyroid, hypothalamus, gonads (men), ovaries (women). This system is largely responsible for producing the hormones we need. As we age many of our body's systems may become less efficient than they were when we were younger. The properties of the four herbs in this product have long been revered by the people of Brazil and Peru. They include:

Suma-known as Brazilian Ginseng, is classified as an adaptogen for facilitating hormonal balance and helping the body adjust to stress. It contains plant sterols, minerals, electrolytes and many amino acids, the essential building blocks of the body.

Maca-commonly referred to as Peruvian Ginseng, grows high in the Andes in mineral rich soil. Studies done by the Peruvian Government showed animals with Maca in their diet maintained better health and vitality and had more offspring than animals not eating Maca. It is traditionally used to facilitate energy, mental clarity, libido and muscle tone.

Muira Puama-is a Brazilian shrub that has historically been used as a tonic for the nervous system and to nutritionally support organs involved in healthy sexual function.
Product: Sumacazon
Brand: Rainforest Bio Energetics (More Products)
Size: 2 oz.
Dosage: NA
Retail: $30.00
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by Jerri-Lynn DeGayner

I was on it many years ago from my DO. I want to go back on it