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My Wholistic Coach
by Jerilyn

This product is not for everyone and is not for simple exhaustion due to over work, lack of sleep or other abuses. I specifically had adrenal exhaustion with symptoms like chronic, extreme fatigue, headaches, dizziness when I stand up, sugar and salt cravings. This product made me a functioning human being again and I am thrilled the results.

Wasted my money
by Zheng

Stay away from this product. It was totally a waste of my money. It didn't work at all. It is supposed to release stress, but I believe it made it worse. Don't waste your money on this.

by Julia Adams

I decided to use this product since I don't sleep very often, and my life situations have made me stay up longer and become even more stressed. This product helps me feel more awake, a lot better, alive, and free from stress and tiredness. On my stress days, even when I'm awake, I get tired, but with this product I feel more awake and active.

Fatigued to fatigued with a hole in my wallet
by Michael Yamakawa

I decided to try this during college since I felt drained by noon every day. After a month of using it, I felt just as drained as I did before using it. I am almost positive I should have seen results within a month, but alas nothing improved. My advice would be to save the $20 and put it to buying an energy drink like Red Bull instead of wasting it on something that has absolutely no effect.

Still Tired!
by Jane M.

I felt just as tired as I did before trying I would not recommend wasting your time and money on this product. I was tired, sluggish and still not energized after using this product.

by Blueberry

I bought this item because someone recommended it to me. Well I must say that I saw no difference after using it. I also had headaches which I think was caused by this because I was feeling great before taking it. I got it only for my stress and fatigue. It was a total waste.

Fatigued To Fantastic! Adrenal Stress-End
by pamela

Well, I have to say this product did nothing for me at all. I do not recommend this. Don't waste your time or money!

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