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Dream my dear
by Mike

As a chronic insomniac, I've always had trouble getting a good night rest. Herbal Sleep allowed me to fall asleep and wake up to a beautiful morning. There are no side effects whatsoever. Over the trial period, I've also noticed a change in my health as well as my circadian rhythm. So if you're having the slightest trouble to fall asleep, Herbal Sleep is perfect sleeping aid for you!

sleep time
by LR

When my husband had problems with sleep, Herbal sleep was recommended to him. This product worked good. My husband was able to relax and fall asleep. Since he was rested, I was able to sleep also.

Husband loves this
by Jen W.

I was scared that he was having to take more and more Tylenol PM to get to sleep. We decided to look into natural sleep aids. We tried several other products that did not work. However, this product helps him get to sleep and does not seem to give him that "hangover" feeling the next morning.

Herbal Sleep
by Jeff

My mom has trouble getting to sleep at night and once she does fall asleep, she wakes up a lot during the night. A friend recommended herbal sleep to her and since she started taking it, she is able to fall asleep easier. She sleeps through the whole night now and wakes up feeling very rested. She has not noticed any side effects at all.

Natural and effective
by Jill S.

I really like that Herbal Sleep is a natural and effective way to help as a sleeping aid. Many products that are on the market today are filled with chemicals. Herbal Sleep let me relax and sleep without feeling drugged when I woke up.

Herbal Sleep
by Dorene

This is a very strong sleep aid but it is still useful. I take it about a half hour before going to bed and it helps to calm my nerves and make me feel more relaxed. It doesn't necessarily put me to sleep but it does make it easier to fall asleep faster!

by Phil Young

The Herbal Sleep really relaxes me and calms me down at night after a scary dream or just when my thoughts are adrift. It makes me relaxed again and back asleep in an instant. Works and long and its not a sleeping pill so you won't get addicted.

Very Soothing
by Robert

I take this when I am a bit wound-up. It really does relax me. I'm not sure it's a real knock-out sleep aid for me, but it definitely gets me in the right mood for some rest. I also like the fact that the product comes with Selenium, zinc, etc.

A Better Choice
by Denise Grier

One of my friends takes this when she has trouble sleeping and she says it really works. We like to use natural products whenever we can, and it is good to know that there is a sleep remedy that is healthy.

Rest and wake refreshed
by Chrislyn

I am an A-type personality. It is hard to make me lie down and rest even as late as midnight. Sleeping pills normally leave me feeling hung over. I took herbal sleep and could rest, and wake up without drogginess even if I don't get 8 hours.

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