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Health Food Store Mgr.
by Carol Anderson

When I have a customer who comes in and asks for something for mood support, I ask them how their low moods are showing up--are they angry or depressed and are they surprised by their low moods, do they feel that their low moods are unexplained? Unlike chronic, ongoing low outlook, some people can experience a rather "down" time (seemingly) out of the blue. I have tended to notice that a lot of people suffer from low moods AFTER serious medical procedures (especially after general anesthesia). These procedures can put a great burden on the liver and this, in turn, can cause the resulting low mood or bad outlook. I have found, personally, that, in these cases, the Mood Elevator works wonders without making you hyper or nervous. If the low mood is from other sources, maybe the 5-HTP or other product would work better.

by Val

It didn't do anything to help my moods, but it didn't cause any adverse side effects or bad reactions.

The right relaxer
by cecilia

I am a full time grad student and a mom. Sometimes it is hard to balance both. When I am feeling stressed or tired, or if I just need a little something to relieve my grouchy, stressful mood, I would take up to four capsules a day. I've been using this product for a few months (I do not use it everyday). It seems to relax my mind a little and makes me feel more balanced with my mood. I feel more relaxed. This product is definitely worth it for all the busy bees. It actually works to relieve and relax you. I have to admit that this is a little pricey, but still worth it. Totally recommended.

Not worth the price
by Ted

I only purchased this product one time and won't be purchasing again. The product sounds great by it's description, utilizing fancy Chinese terminology/claims. However, it did nothing to help my mood. In fact, I was probably more depressed that I had spent the money on it.

Lots of claims, few results
by Ross

I've suffered from mild generalized anxiety and stress for years, but have recently begin to try over the counter remedies, this being one of them. As far as I can tell, Mood Elevator does absolutely nothing. After taking a capsule, I sometimes feel a bit more energized, but I wouldn't say my moods any more improved than it is when I'm hopped up on caffeine. Two thumbs down.

Skip It, It Proves Talk Isn't Cheap!!
by Rhonda

Sorry to say, I was terribly disappointed, and felt "ripped" after falling for this either weak or worthless cure. It is my opinion that if you think this has helped you, likely you have the power of positive thinking to appreciate.
If in fact there is any truth to the liver playing a role in mood, I'd take my cash and buy the products directed at that. Seems they add some secret surcharge to this simply by having the name being directed at a specific problem. A healthy liver and function of this vital organ obviously is a good thing, but do your own homework if you are mindful of your financial health.

\The ultimate balance
by Mike

During those aggravating hours in the office, I use these pills to relax myself. I took 3 pills a day for 8 weeks and I must say the results are amazing. The best thing about the product is that it has very little side effects, and as for the the downside, it's a bit pricey.

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