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heart pounding
by allday

Have been taking this for one week. For me, it has been increasing agitation, insomnia and heart rate. As a nurse I would not recommend this product

by DC

I have only been taking it for 4 days. It has given me more focus and energy but it has kept from sleeping deeply for the past two days. I even decreased down to 1 pill yesterday. Perhaps there is still some residual effect from the past few days as my body is getting used to it. I have been taking the pills before 9am. There must be some powerful herbs in here.

I am going to continue using the product and adjusting the amount to see if the sleep regulates.

by heather

My boyfriend tried this one as well for the past couple months and seems to like it. I have seen a slight change in him as well. He has recommended it to others, so I take his word for it.

by Alma

About two years ago I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Since I prefer to take natural remedies I immediately started looking up alternatives. A friend of mine recommended this product. I have now been taking it for two months. I used to get very agitated and nervous all the time probably due to menopause symptoms. I have noticed that I am noticeably calmer, my blood pressure is stable and the softgels are very calming to my stomach. I definately will keep taking them again.

A must-have for my lifestyle
by Nicole Morgan

I seem to be very sensitive to stress - any type of stressful situations create a serious of physical symptoms (pain, high blood pressure, fatigue), so I was looking for something to help support my body during stressful periods at work and home. This product contains Rhodiola and turmeric - two herbs that I had read were especially helpful. Once I started taking this, I felt a huge difference - I felt calmer and more able to focus. More importantly, I noticed that my blood pressure stayed low and that my pain was diminished. I am a faithful user of this product - I just wish it was more affordable.

Adrenal Fatigue Relief
by Tona

As someone that has suffered from adrenal fatigue for many years, this product brought much need energy. The adaptogens have safely supported my adrenal function without being over-stimulating as long as I don't take it in the evening. When I took 2 after 6 PM, I had trouble sleeping, but when I only took one in the afternoon I no longer experienced the sleeping problem.

by James Zitzmann

Sometimes, my grandmother has trouble staying calm when any unsettling situation takes places. She has tried other blends, but this is the one she ended up sticking with. It is definitely worth trying.

Stress Relief
by William Duong

As a college student, I have a lot of stress, especially during midterm examinations and finals. I can't afford to let the stress affect me when I'm cramming for more than one subject at a time, and expect to do well on the final. Using supercritical stress advantage makes me feel more at ease, and more focused when I'm studying, and during the actual test. Controlling your nerves helps you do better, and I fully recommend this product.

Keeps me calm even in big crowds!
by Courtney

I've always suffered from anxiety, it comes and go, but instead of taking prescription drugs for it, I've turned to Supercritical Stress Advantage. It works wonders for me! It keeps me calm, and on an even keel. We were recently at Disney World with huge crowds, I took this and I was able to get through each and every day.

Detox Benefits Galore!
by Valerie M.

When I was going through withdrawals, I did not turn to cigarettes and coffee the way most addicts do. Instead, I looked for nutrients to help me keep my nerves calm. I found Supercritical Stress Advantage to be amazing for me. It did not hit hard, there was no lethargy. It was a very nice, chillin' state in which you have complete control and can actually think clearly!

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by Unknown

I recently took this med along with other medication to help with stress and anxiety levels. Yes it's very potent as far as keeping you up during the day, but I couldn't sleep! I took the(1) pill Saturday afternoon, couldn't sleep that night, Sunday night, or Monday night. It keeps you going but when it's time to lie down to rest, it keeps your heart pumping and mind going. I love my sleep so I'll try and stay away from this one.