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bad sleeper
by Ann Shurtleff

The product works quite well, but I was totally ripped off. They billed me twice 7/24 and 7/31 for 1 supply of product a total of $199.90. I called the 800# and got a person who I doubt graduated from 6th grade. I go so frustrated with her I gave up. So once again it's a question of buyer beware!

They're Thieves
by M D

This is nothing but a rip off. The product is the same as so many other herbal products that sell for much less. Did not work for me. But, what is worse is that they tell you it's a free trial and just pay for shipping...then they automatically bill your credit card another $99.85. I am contacting the State Attorney General's office for this fraud.

Ripped off
by J W Condley

I tried this product. Didn't work for me. No big deal because I signed up for a 30 day FREE trial. Instead, I got socked two months in a row for $99.85 for products that I don't use. Tried to email them. No response. Called their 800 number. Can't talk to a real person. Don't go there. I wouldn't buy the product. It might work for some people but not for me.

Worked Great
by Madison

I am all about all natural products and this is one of the best. I had a lot of problems sleeping recently but this took care of them all. I sleep great and have no problems waking up in the morning. I have been on this for a couple weeks now.

Not much sleep, not easy
by James Zitzmann

I tried this product when I was having trouble sleeping after a traumatic event had happened. I tried it for several nights, and with no effect. Surely, there must be something better out there.

Easy Sleep
by Sean

Sleepingeasy was a product I decided to pick up when I started to go without sleep for days on end. I couldn't ever sleep but was always tired, within an hour or so after taking Sleepingeasy I was passed out in my bed, ready for a well needed full night's sleep.

sleep with heartburn
by ndy

I agree that this product helps one to sleep well, but I took it for sometime and noticed that I always had heartburn from it. I stopped taking it and the heartburn has greatly been reduced since then.

Sleeping IS easy!
by Albert

Hard time sleeping? Look no further, this product really helps people go to sleep at ease without feeling drained or tired the next day. If you need to get a good night's sleep or need to catch up on sleep I recommend this product to you. The product is a little bit expensive but the price is worth it to feel energized so you can get on with your day.

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