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It works alright... too well.
by Kyra

My father bought this for me as an alternative to the sometimes harmful prescription anti-depressants. It began working within a day, but it destroyed my mind when I was on it. I felt "floaty" and couldn't remember anything, even from five minutes before. It made me happily numb but it was difficult for me to concentrate or think. After a couple of days, it made me feel extremely suicidal and I stopped taking it. Now I'm back to how I was before.

Exactly what I needed
by MG

After years of mild to moderate depression and having mixed results with prescription SSRIs, I gave this a try. I now feel just the way I want, just the way I used to naturally feel before the depression. It does take some time to have the full effect, several weeks at the least. It's a pretty serious mix of ingredients, and I would wager the DHEA, GABA, Tyrosine, Phenylalanine, etc., are as much or more part of the effect as the St. John's.

by Barbara

I tryed this and I haven't had to take my perscription pills since for my anxity. It really takes the edge off and I sleep so much better now..It took me a few days to notice. It really does work.

Mood Mix
by MJ Ferruzza

I was looking for St. John Wort's in a compound that I could use as a de-stresser and mood stabilizer. This product worked, but it took almost a week to get the full effect. It is not a cure all for depression, but it did seem to take the edge off of simple low mood situations. I would recommend this product.

by Stanimir Yordanov

This is a very good product for us those who are stressed out. I have used it especially before exams, since I get a little stressed out. It does calm me down and I am able to study. Before using this product it, was very hard for me to focus just because of the stress.

by Nadiyah

I am always stressed out due to the ever demanding job of motherhood. My mood swing goes up and down. After the birth of my last child, I felt there had to be something that I could take that would ease some of the stress. I found this product at my local pharmacy and thought it wouldn’t hurt to try it. I know there are no miracles to clear stress completely, but this does help me cope with the stress to a certain degree. I have been using it for a little over 2 months and would recommend it to those who may need to take the edge off.

Great for stressful holidays!
by Pattie

One holiday season, my sister-in-law mentioned I was a "tad on edge" and handed me a bottle of these. I completely trust her, so I started taking them. In just a few days, I was snapping at people a lot less! I have used them at other highly stressful times and have bought a few bottles as ‘gifts’ for others!

Seems to work
by James Zitzmann

My wife recently started using this product because of mood swings she had been having. I don't know what it was about this particular blend (she had tried others), but it definitely took the edge off of her moods. I would recommend it to anyone.

Good for Short Term Use
by Az

I use this when I'm particularly stressed out and am having trouble sleeping. This product relaxes me so I can focus on getting to sleep. I definitely feel much calmer after I have taken it, but I try not to take it too often just because I don't want to get addicted to it. I would not recommend this for long term use just because I'm concerned about getting hooked on something to resolve issues that may be medical in nature.

Good for mild stress
by Andrew

These tablets work well for symptoms of mild stress, but like others have mentioned for more severe anxiety other medication may be needed. I usually take these tablets when I know a particularly stressful week or day is coming up. They seem to work rather well.

Just great!
by Corri

I was recently diagnosed with mild depression. I thought about taking prescribed medications, but I just didn't want the side effects that came along with them. My doctor then recommended this product to me. After about a week of taking it, I definitly noticed a difference in my mood and overall feelings. I would recommend this to anyone with mild depression who is looking for an alternate to a prescription medication.

It worked for my dad
by Mary

My dad is a cantankerous kind of person. My mom wanted him to go get help for it, but it was very mild and he didn't feel the need to get any. He agreed to take these. I noticed an improvement in his attitude after about a week. He was smiling more and just had a generally better outlook. I highly recommend these for people with mild anxiety or stress disorders.

Not For Severe Depression/Anxiety
by leslie

I took some of this a few years back but I was not impressed. It didn't work for me at all and it made me very sensitive to the light. I, however, may be the exception since it turns out I was diagnosed with depression /anxiety. My doctor put me on Zoloft and Lorazepam and I feel great now. Bottom line--if you just are suffering from a little stress and nothing major this might work for you. But, if you're like me, please go to your doctor instead.

Great Combination
by Judith

The combination of ingredients is excellent. It is indicated for mild depression or stress, and for those of us who are a little down. Do not expect it to be effective in more severe cases. It was of great benefit to me over the holidays, when I just needed a little extra to help cope with the additional stress and seasonal depression. An excellent product for it's target audience.

Makes me feel like I'm on vacation
by cooldan

Ever since I have started taking these, I have felt so much better. I don't get colds or the flu, and it makes the stress of my every day job go away.

Didn't help me
by Robert

This really didn't have any affect on me. The only thing was maybe a placebo affect for a short period of time. I was doubtful that it would work, and maybe thats why it didn't.

I went through a bad breakup and was in a state of depression for few weeks. I tried this supplement and it just made me angry that I wasted my money on it and did not see the results I was hoping for. So I guess it made me from sad to angry, so it kind of helped.

Takes the edge off...
by Melissa

I take this during the winter months when there is less sunlight because I believe that it helps me with combating seasonal affective disorder. I don't feel depressed enough to take a prescription medicine so I use St. John's to take the edge off and get me through those cold, dark, winter months.

Not enough
by janet

I suffer from depression because one my kids had ADHD/ BIPOLAR for a while. I needed something to help me to feel better about the whole situation. This product does work to a certain extent. If you are in bad shape, this will not be enough. I think this is good only for mild depression. A little boost. I personally had to have more medication than this could give.

Works well
by Trisha

I have used this product on numerous occasions. It truly does help beat stress and mild forms of depression, without the nasty side effects from traditional methods. It's relatively inexpensive, and works well when taken as directed.

Oddly enough...
by Noah Bratvold

Oddly enough I used this to quit smoking, I would take this to calm my nerves and I wouldn't have cravings! Another use if you are looking to quit!

by Patty

Right after I gave birth to my daughter, I suffered from very mild depression. Instead of putting me on any form of prescription medication, my doctor suggested St. Johns. It worked really well. I chose not to breast feed while taking it, however, because I was concerned about some of the ingredients. Talk to your doctor. It may be the solution you're looking for.

This is a good relaxation supplement
by Laura Frost

When I was 15, I had a lot of different thoughts about suicide and other things. So instead of being out on Paxil or Zoloft, I was given these to help. They really did help. I felt a lot better about myself and my life.

by Adam Paul

I used to take Valerian to sleep, and St John's Wort to relax. Naturally, when I located this I figured the best of both worlds. What a great way to relax on the plane, take an afternoon nap

Benefits and Drawbacks
by Danica

This made me feel much calmer. However, I think it's important for people to read all the ingredients in the product, so it does not conflict with something else they are taking. I had a moderately upset stomach when taking Positive Thoughts (though that can frequently occur with supplements, especially in bulk), so I went searching for mood-boosting alternatives.

St. John's Mixed Thoughts
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

I know a handful of people who have tried St. John's Wort, a few of which tried this brand, specifically because it also contains some other therapeutic ingredients as well. St. John's Wort is used widely in Europe for mild depression and some of the people I know had good results using St. John's Wort or this brand too. Some didn't. Honestly that is pretty much what I would have expected.

St. John's Wort can and has been effective for many people with MILD DEPRESSION. (be sure you aren't taking a prescription antidepression med with it or another med that may have an adverse reaction. Talk to your doctor if you are interested in trying it).

The people I knew who tried it had no improvement at all, but had more moderate to severe depression. One of them had an even more serious bi polar disorder. These people were later helped by prescription medication, but at least one of them shared that they were glad they at least tried the St. John's wort and had peace of mind that they wouldn't wonder if a non prescription alternative would work for them now or not.

So 3.5 stars, because it REALLY works for some milder cases (with interaction cautions) and REALLY doesn't AT ALL for others.

No longer depressed
by R. Todd Woodstock

I tried this when looking for different type of St. John Wort combinations and this really eliminated stress throughout the entire day. It is best to space out the pills in two-three increments. If you are depressed, give this a shot.

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