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by Traci

This stuff was a breakthrough for me. A friend gave me a bottle that had already expired and it worked a miracle. I was able to sleep without my prescription sleeping medicine. I found it hard to get with the multilevel thing is there a way I can buy it online........I saw it on ebay!

luminex does work
by hardtoimpress

i used luminex while i was with the MLMcompany... it saved someone else's life. it gave me the pep in my step that i needed in order to not stomp my coworkers face! then i figured it had to have been in my mind or maybe someone prayed for me that day... so i waited a while and took it againandagain. still felt great so its a winner to me. and i'm no longer with the MLM

New Person
by Lorraine

I can not say enough about how this has changed my life. It got to the point where I was so sad and so stressed it was hard to make it through the day. Now I am happy and much more relaxed!

This stuff is great!
by Elizabeth Schunzel

Being a single mother of three, I know all about stress. Before I tried this product I was not sleeping and had a constant headache. My mother recommended it for me. After two days of taking this product, my headache was gone. After about a week of taking this product, I was sleeping like I used to. I have used this product going on four months now and I love it.

Worth It
by SLS

This product is very well worth it due to its natural ingredients. Within 2 weeks for me, I felt the difference. I could do a lot more without having to get upset, and felt more positive towards my daily life. It's help me take more control and perspective on things without me having to just blow up or cry.

No Funky Side Effects
by Katelin

As a single mother, I often find myself feeling incredibly tense and stressed out due to work, finances and lack of time to myself. Plenty of these types of products end up making you feel irritable and lazy, but not Luminex. It worked wonderfully at calming me down and enabled me to clear my head, sit back and take a deep breath.

I hadn't been able to get a decent night's sleep until I tried this product. Finally, I feel like I don't have a million things running through my mind at night and am able to get some rest!

placebo effect?
by Ricardo Gutierrez

I used to take Luminex about a year ago when I was in my last year of college and was stressed with schoolwork overload. As a natural product, I thought I'd give it a try since I did not have the means to purchased prescribed stress relief pills. Being a psychology major, I took the effect as that of being a placebo. I felt a bit better nearly 5 to 10 min upon taking them. I don't think they are supposed to work that fast, but either way my focus was back in full force for the endless tests and term papers. I haven't taken it since, due to my stress not being chronic.

Feeling Less Stress
by Ali

When I was going through a hard time in my life (Moving, Divorce, Job Change) I starting taking this to regain a sense of calmness again in my life. It didn't happen right away; It took at least a month to feel results but well worth it.

fewer blah days
by Sarah

I have been using this product for two months. I have noticed that I have a better outlook on things. I am going through a stressful time in my life and have seen a big improvement in my stability. That has helped me sleep better too. I like this one!

by Stacy

I tried this product from Melaleuca and was disappointed. It did nothing for me or for my stress and mood relief. Although, every one is different, so what works for one might not work for another.

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