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by charles

i started taking nutricalm about 1 month ago i was having panic attacks and i was going crazy with what was going on , so my daughther told me to try this product and let me tell you it as really help me alot. please try this before you try anything else .

A Stressed out mom
by Amanda

I have had insomnia and anxiety after having my second baby. I have been on strong drugs to sleep and felt willing to try anything. I friend have me nutri-calm and it has been a miracle for me. I am not longer taking sleeping pills and feeling so much better.

by Mia Maroto

I really like these pills. The were recommended to me by a naturopathic doctor and I feel great. I was very irritable and short tempered before. I know my adrenals are also stressed. I feel like I am on the path to recovery. I sleep so well at night!

LOVE this product!!!
by Keira

i use these pills whenever i start to feel down or anxious and with in about a half an hour or so i am back up again. its not a mirical drug so dont expect to have a change that is from one end of the spectrum to the other but they definately work great in my opionion.. no one's body is the same but i totally tell eveyone with anxiety and depression to try these pills. they are pretty pricy but sooo worth it :)

by Jared

I just started taking it today, and I didn't even get all three doses (I slept through breakfast haha) but even then I feel AMAZING, so loose and carefree, I am always on edge and irritable and scarred but now with Nutri-calm I feel new and great!

by kenzie


The One Product I Won't be Without!
by Linda Adair

I was having some really strange things going on. Tingling and numbness of hands, arms and feet. Even at night I would feel sick and dizzy and was getting concerned it might be my heart....but when I checked on other symptoms it didn't match. My last ditch attempt before I went to a Dr. (which I didn't want to do because then you get on a merry-go-round of tests before they say you need a wonder-drug of their choice!) I went to an NS distributor who also does the strength testing. I didn't have too much money and wanted one or two products to get me started on to see if that helped. NutriCalm was the recommended I piled all my hopes into this....and it was immediate relief! It worked so well I decided to try to lower the dose after about a month just to see. My symptoms came right I knew this product was regulating whatever my body was not! I have been using this product for a year and have had no weird stuff going on with my body's amazing. Also, when checking the other vitamins on the back I realized I didn't need to buy separate 'C' or 'B' vitamins as they are contained within the product. That would save money. The only thing I buy extra are 'B-12's' sublinguals and I get them for around $5.00 from Walmart. BTW I am not in poor health...this could be stress or age related (I do have teen boys in the house...maybe that's it!) Hope my review helps.

Works just "ok"
by Josh

When you're stressed out, such as I am as a university student, sometimes you really need a break and a dose of calm. I thought these pills would help, but they don't. What they advertise about B vitamins is true, but all it does is keep you healthy and doesn't actually calm you. It would be cheaper to just brew a cup of hot herbal tea, and it would probably work better too. Don't get these pills.

by JJ

I took this after I had my baby because I was just sooo tired. You moms out there with newborns know what I'm talking about. I didn't want to worry myself sick, so I bought this and started taking it, not expecting it to help. To my surprise, I felt a lot better. I would recommend this product.

Great Stress Reliever
by Louis

I get stressed out a lot so I tend to get sick more. I can't really calm down, so I decided to try out this product. It immediately takes effect. I can feel more relaxed than ever before and I can finally get to calm down. I use it a lot when I am under pressure during my work. It has a hefty price tag, but it works, and I recommend this to anyone suffering from a lot of stress.

Nutri-Calm is Great
by Ryan

Nutri-Calm is a great herbal cleansing product that helps people focus, I mainly use it to get my Vitamin B for the day. I have also found that it has helped greatly reduce my stress level while at work.

Two Thumbs Up
by Kyle

My partner was having problems sleeping, so I bought this product for him. I was a little reluctant because of it's price. However, after beginning to take it, it worked wonders! Well worth the price.

by Jeff

Nutri-Calm provides a great source of vitamin B. I get very stressed out a lot, and Nutri-Calm has helped me a lot with that problem. It helps me not feel so stressed and helps me relax. It gets into your system quickly and starts to take effect just as quick.

by Christy R.

I was a little nervous about buying this product because it was kind of expensive and I have used other calming pills that have done nothing. However, these worked better than I could have hoped. I took them when I was having a very stressful time at work and I was able to remain calm and focused the entire time. I did not have many of the negative side effects of being extremely stressed. Overall they kept me very calm and I was very pleased with the results.

Calm Down
by cynthia

I take this product every day to get my B vitamins. It does a great job of helping my body remain calm under stress. I have recommended it to others for years and everyone I know, who has used it, loves it.

Wonderful product
by Matt B

I was skeptical that this product could really help in a stressful situation but I was proven wrong right away. You'll notice effects the first day. Being under tremendous stress was making it hard to concentrate at work. This really helped and I could tell when I didn't take it.

Great for stressed people
by Judy

My husband and I took this during a time we were under a lot of stress. It was definitely a help. It reduced the stress we felt and the nervousness. Take it if you're under much stress but don't keep taking it once the stress is gone as it can make you almost sleepy.

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