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Awesome stuff
by Amy

My sleeping patterns greatly changed after taking this product. I never new Melatonin could help so much when it comes to sleep. Natural is always best, no side effects. I'll be buying this again!

Love this stuff!
by Robin

I found this product a few years ago and use it only as needed. I sometimes have a restless brain that keeps me up, and this product works to quiet my mind. I do wake up through the night, but have no trouble falling back to sleep. Waking up, I am much deeper than usual, but I actually do wake up faster and with more energy than when I do not take it.

Doesn't work
by Nichole

While writing my thesis I had trouble falling asleep so I took various things to make me sleep. Chamoille tea works better then this product. It did not make me sleepy at al.

Did not work
by Mike

I took one Super Snooze pill at 10 and woke up at midnight, and at 1:30 and then never got back to sleep. It did not work for me. I'll go back to straight melatonin which works as long as I take it only once in a while.

Works good
by helcha

Sometimes I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep so when a friend told me about Super Snooze w/Melatonin by Puritan's Pride, I decided to see if it would work for me. Well, I took 2 capsules with a cup a tea about an hour before bedtime and then went to bed. I was prepared to toss and turn but I seemed to relax and in about 10 minutes I fell asleep. I was able to sleep for about 6 hours before I woke up but I didn't feel groggy or anything, just well rested.

Knocked Out
by Robert

I took Super Snooze for a couple weeks to help me sleep after working out late at night. Instead of staying wide awake for a couple hours, I would easily fall asleep. I would recommend this to anyone for a short term.

Dream on!
by Bryan

I can't believe it took me this long to find a product that worked like this did. I used to suffer from insomnia because of the constant stress of going to class and working all week. This product is high quality and great results. No drowsy side effects either which is a bonus.

Sleep Better
by Glenda

Often I get periods when I feel tired, but I can't go to sleep when I lay down. When I take one of these capsules in about an hour, I can just doze off and sleep without waking up too soon. Once I wake up I feel refreshed and very alert from a good sleep.

Get some rest
by Julia Willingham

My brother has autism and he never slept through the night until my mom gave this to him. I decided to try some and it worked great. I slept all night and woke up refreshed.

Need a good night sleep?
by nazmul07

Like many Americans, I am sleep deprived, due to many things. So, my doctor recommended me sleep aid. This super snooze works great for my body. It's a good friend whenever you need it. Try it for a good night's sleep.

Super Snooze
by Michael G.

I have mixed feelings with Super Snooze. This is the kind of product that I can't take 3 nights in row. If I took it more than 3 days, I woke up feeling very groggy. It works for some people, but it wasnt meant for me.

by Jessica

I love this product because on stressful nights when I wake up from stress-induced nightmares, I can take this and rest assured that I will sleep soundly and still be refreshed in the morning when I need my energy the most. Well worth the money, without a doubt.

Non-habit forming Melatonin for a calm restful night
by Jenny

This product Super Snooze with Melatonin was introduced to me by a friend who used it to relax after work and manage to fall asleep without habit forming sleeping pills. My father had always taken Melatonin as a sleep aid as well. My younger adult son prefers this product over OTC nightly sleep aides that contain an antihistamine preparation and sometimes a mild pain reliever, that are both contra-indicated with his prescription medications for depression. This product is safe to use, and has his doctor's blessings, and my son finds that it helps him manage to doze off without lying awake for hours each night listening to every tiny sound. He likes that it's non-habit forming (non addictive) and works naturally with his own body's clock to regulate his internal sleep cycle better. He awakens more refreshed and remains alert throughout the day with no detectable side effects. An excellent natural product from Puritan's Pride that may help night owls like my son to fall asleep faster for a better night's rest.

Helps for those in Dorms!
by Justin

While living in the dorms at school, there were many nights I would have to get up for work early. However, that wouldn't stop other people from partying at all hours of the night! I took this product to help me fall asleep on countless "Thirsty Thursdays" and it worked quite well. It definitely was non-habit forming as previously mentioned, and helped me stay alert through many long days at the office.

Great Way to unwind
by Dave

On nights when I work late, I used to have trouble getting the work out of my head and relaxing to fall asleep. With Super Snooze, I have been able to hit the sack within an hour or so and wake up refreshed. From what I can tell, it is non-habit forming and for me works very well.

Don't fly without this!
by Hallie

Super Snooze with Melatonin has saved my life at least three times when I had to go straight to meetings after taking a "red-eye" flight. I can't afford to have jet lag when I travel, and melatonin is the only thing that keeps me alert and ready to work. Worth its weight in gold.

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