f Enzymatic Therapy Calming Sleep™ with 5-HTP Reviews and Information

Calming Sleep™ with 5-HTP

Supports serotonin production for normal sleep and positive mood

The Triple Whammy Solution is a breakthrough three-week program that helps you get your life back! There are three tightly-connected factors that affect tens of millions of women:
Non-stop stress
Low serotonin levels
Hormone imbalance
Product: Calming Sleep™ with 5-HTP
Brand: Enzymatic Therapy (More Products)
Size: 60 Capsules
Dosage: 2 capsules daily
Retail: $23.00
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4 Customer Reviews

by Megan

I haven't tried this specific product, but I have tried a lot of products for sleeplessness and depression, including 5-HTP. It did help me with depression after a few weeks, but not in a huge way. I tried taking the recommended dosage for several months, but it didn't make a significant enough difference to keep taking it, for the price. It didn't help me with sleeping at all, but I'm a hard person to sedate.

Minimal Results
by NRK

My husband is notorious for sleeping 6-8 hours, but still feeling tired and restless the next day. He heard about this product from a friend and decided to try it. He said that it was helping him sleep but I started noticing that he was more irritable. The smallest thing would upset him and he was never like that before. He stopped taking the calming sleep and his mood swings subsided.

calming sleep with 5-htp
by barbara

my daughter-in- law was a poor sleeper, never able to get in a solid 8 hours. She took the treatment for 3 weeks and tho they helped some she wasnt at all impressed with the results. She is now back to melatomin with better results.

Another Perspective!
by Lana

This review is based on my mom's experience with Calming Sleep with 5-HTP Stress and Relaxation Capsules. Since my early childhood, I remember my mom having troubles sleeping at night. She would wake up at odd hours of the night, tired but sadly unable to fall back asleep. These periods of sleeplessness and insomnia would appear to come and go during various times in her life. Not too long ago, I noticed a big change in her lifestyle. She was no longer talking about sleepless nights and was instead concentrating on other significant aspects in her life. Interested, I asked her what is she doing differently. This is when she told me about Calming Sleep Capsules and how they changed her life. She was energized and once again she was holding her own life in her hands! Most importantly, she experienced no known side effects. I was glad to have my mom back and I would definitely like to spread the word about this interesting and powerful little product!