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Worked Well
by Caroline

It worked really well for me and finally was able to get a full night's sleep without waking up in the middle of the night--finally! I woke up refreshed and full of energy. I'm really please with this product.

by Dana

Product did not work for me.

Sleep & Restore
by Monica

scale 1 to 10; I will give it 8; works good for me so far; at least I sleep more than before; and the price is good too.

by Cindy

I have tried everything for sleep and finally found this product through a friend. I slept great and felt like a new person in the morning. Thank you!

sleep like a Baby
by zee

i love it ,i feel fresh and ready to GO

Restful Sleep!
by Tina NYC

I am a born insomniac. My mind doesn't switch off at night. I have taken a several different kinds of sleep aids, including some prescription ones, and this the first product that I have found nothing wrong with. I fall asleep fast and easy, and when I wake up in the morning I don't feel groggy at all. I have never overslept because of it either. I give a full thumbs up if you are an insomniac like me. I have recommended to my friends and family.

by Victoria

I am on my SIXTH night of FULL sleep since taking this product! A miracle! Since menopause, I've been lucky if I got three to four hours and then toss and turn. I'm getting a FULL, STRAIGHT 8 hours and I really can't believe it!

by bellabella

I love this - I can feel it work after an hour and it knocks me out and helps me sleep all the way through the night. I started taking it because my cat cries all night and I wasn't sleeping. This product keeps me asleep soundly all night and helps me get lots of REM sleep. I definitely recommend it.

I am dreaming again
by Brad

I know this is going to sound crazy but since I have started taking Sleep N Restore (which I found once a Sprouts opened up near my house) I am having vivid and healthy dreams. For too long it seemed I'd only remember having dreams once or twice every couple of months. It may have been my sleep pattern, maybe not getting to a deep and restful sleep, I don't know. But once I began Sleep N Restore I am having dreams nightly and awaking restored and feeling much better than I have in years. It may sound crazy but I've missed my dreams and it's nice to have them back.

Good night
by Stanimir Yordanov

Very good product! I used to not be able to go to bed until 5-6 in the morning. I have tried to stay up all night and the entire next day so I could sleep during the night, but that helped only for one night. After using this product, I am able to get a good night's sleep.

by Destiny

When I cram for tests, I am usually up half the night..not studying..DREADING. When I first bought Sleep N Restore, I wasn't expecting much because of the cheap price. But boy was I wrong! I went right to sleep! Not to mention I aced the test!

Great and cheap!!!
by Ashley

It has been really difficult for me to fall asleep lately. I'm in college and have a 7 am class, go to sleep at 5 am, and hardly rest at all. I'm just never able to fall asleep. I don't know if it's my body, or the busy dorms. I usually get a catnap once a day if I'm lucky. I went to Walmart and purchased 'Sleep N Restore.' I've been sleeping like a baby the past couple of weeks thanks to this product! And it's cheap, which is good because I go through it very fast. On days that I need to pull an all-nighter, I simply skip a night. You won't regret purchasing this product! The only downside is you might solely rely on it for sleep, which is never good.

Fantastic Night of Rest!
by Kerry Hays

This Sleep N Restore worked wonders! While suffering from slight insomnia, one little tablet and I was fast asleep within ten minutes. I had no problems waking up to my alarm, and suffered from no ill effects such as grogginess upon waking up. Fantastic product to use, and a great value!

I missed class
by tony

I have trouble sleeping after studying for hours on end, so I tried to take one of these. The next day I woke up quite "restored." The only problem is that I missed my morning calculus class. This definetly works

Good night sleep
by Nazim

This product has worked like a charm for me. I used to come home tired from work, and tried different sleep medications but nothing worked until Sleep N Restore came into my life. Now I come home from work and after taking this medication, I am able to get a good night sleep and wake up relaxed. I have not experienced any side effects from this product. If you have a hard time sleeping like me then you should try this product because it will completely change your life.

Good Stuff
by beckngar

This worked very well and was easy to use when it came to trying to make and keep a consistent sleep pattern, without dependency or groggy side effects the next morning!

by Denise

I picked up some Sleep N Restore when I was travelling for work a few months ago. I was jet lagged but couldn't fall asleep in the stiff hotel sheets and Natrol helped ease me into a natural sleep cycle. My only complaint is that I woke up feeling quite groggy, like I had a few drinks before bed. Fortunately the fog cleared after a cup of coffee, and I gave a presentation feeling refreshed and alert.

knocked out
by Ricardo Gutierrez

About a month ago I tried these pills as referred to by my brother. We all tend to have a tough time sleeping, which is possibly due to our lifestyles. Going out a lot and staying up late watching TV has taken a toll on my body. I find it difficult to lay in bed and stay comfortable. My eyes hurt and are tired, but I have difficulty sleeping. So, here come the pills and save my life. I try to take them as least often as possible, but they ease my body aches and knock me out with an hour of taking. I have noticed though that sometimes they cause me to sleep in which is such an inconvenience.

by Annie

i tried this yesterday in order to sleep for my night shift at the hospital and it worked like a miracle. I slept within half an hour of taking it and when I woke up I felt very refreshed. This is great stuff!

Worked Good
by Stacy

These worked pretty well for me. I don’t like to have to take sleeping pills but when I have to, these are what I choose to use. They put me out but it’s still sometimes hard to wake up in the morning.

Good Nights Sleep
by Ali

I picked this up because I suffer from Insomnia quite often and work unusual hours. When I finally can "schedule" sleep, I find it hard to actually do. It allows me to relax enough to fall asleep faster and I stay asleep. I, myself, have had no side effects. I do suffer from Migraines unrelated to the product. I recommend this for anyone who wants an over the counter quick fix for a good night's sleep.

Great relief
by Kristina Richardson

I had troubles sleeping due to my head just spinning with the day's activities and the next day's plans. I actually only use this occasionally when I'm having more troubles than others sleeping. When I do use it, I feel refreshed and ready to take on the next day.

These work great!
by zheng

These work great! I bought this and tried it last night. I slept through the night and woke up in the morning with no groggy feeling. I think this really helped with my sleeping.

Works well!
by stacy myers

I am just an awful sleeper, I have a hard time shutting off my brain, and this product was a definitely helped me out. It didn't knock me out immediately, but it also didn't leave me felling all woozy and "drugged" in the morning like some products have done. I did feel a bit sleepy still, but once I was up and about I was fine.

Top Notch
by Erik

I have tremendous difficulty getting a full night worth of sleep. What I found with this product is that, unlike other sleep inducing medications that have left me feeling completely drained in the morning, I actually felt quite refreshed after a night of sleeping on Sleep N Restore. I definitely recommend this to sleep deprived individuals unsatisfied with most the other products currently on the market.

Not too bad
by Jennifer Bell

I can fall asleep easily with this, but it doesn't help me stay asleep. I still wake up a lot when I take this and sometimes there are after effects the next day, such as fatigue or headache. However, I am able to fall asleep earlier and I don't toss and turn waiting to fall asleep. I don't think it's the worst on the market, but there are better.

Excellent Sleep Aid
by Jennifer H.

I have found Sleep N Restore to be an excellent sleep aid. I've been experiencing trouble sleeping for quite a while and I have finally found a product that will allow me to fall asleep quickly, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed...not like a truck hit me! I totally recommend this product for the sleep deprived.

Nite Nite
by Tami

I could never sleep. I stay awake until 5am. When I tried this product, it was awesome!!! I was sleeping like a baby and when I woke up, I felt like I had a good sleep. I recommend this product.

It's ok
by Bethany

I have tried Sleep N Restore. It did help me get to sleep and to stay asleep through the night. I did find that I felt sleepy the day after.

You need over 11 hours for this.
by Shreyas Patel

NyQuil is the way to go. This made me drowsy at first, but then when I woke up 9 hours later it started to hit me even harder. The thing has no control.

Customer Reviews
by Christy R.

I tried these out and I was not really very happy with the results. I thought they were less effective then some of the other sleep aids on the market. I woke up a few times during the night and still had a bit of a hard time falling asleep. The worst thing was they left me groggy the next morning, when I wanted to be awake. I recommend you try something different because I don't think these worked as effectively as I would have liked them to.

by Eli

I've been having sleep problems for years. I'm quite the insomniac. After taking Sleep N Restore, I started getting my full night' sleep every night. I now can wake up and feel fully refreshed.

No sleep with this one
by Robyn

I am completely sleep deprived. I tried this one a few nights in a row and it did not seem to help much. I ended up with about 3 hours of a sleep and felt very groggy the next day.

Major headache
by Stephanie

This products does help you fall asleep quickly but I always experience a major headache after taking these and I feel groggy in the morning and like I slept too hard the night before.

by Justin

I have trouble sleeping from time to time and tried a few things here and there. I never really liked any until I tried this sleep n restore. I woke up feeling refreshed and I didn't wake up with a hangover or anything. It worked faster than I expected, and now every single time I have problems sleeping, I always go for this product and take it.

by fmodi

This product definitely gives you a deeper sleep and supports your body all night. Compared to other brands, this is much more affordable and you take it only once a day, so it's easy to remember. You wake up fresh and powerful for the next day.

Insomnia Cured!
by Jose

I've suffered with Insomnia ever since I started working a night shift. I thought there was no way I would ever get a good night's sleep, but since I used Sleep 'n Restore, I've been sleeping great!

If you want sleep...
by Dan

...this product is for you. I tried many sleep-aid products before I came across this one. I was desperate for a good night's rest. his was my last resort before going to visit a doctor. It worked wonders! I haven't slept so well until I started taking this product. Sleep N Restore is something I swear by. Not only did I sleep wonderfully, but I woke up feeling stress free and ready for the day.

sleep n restore
by lala5

I have been having trouble sleeping for quite some time now and it was not until I tried this product that my problem was finally resolved. I have found that you do have to make sure that you have at least 9 hours to devote to sleep in order for you to be able to wake up in the morning.

Get a good night sleep
by Jeff

This product works very well. It will help you get great sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and rested. It does not have all the nasty side effects that prescription sleep aids do.

Sleep n Restore
by Noah Bratvold

A co-worker recommended this to me, it's a great product, you never wake up in the middle of the night, the price is great, but when I woke up after trying these, I would have a headache, I tried them for a week and every morning I would have a headache.

Good Night!
by Victoria Jarrett

I've used prescription sleep aids for several years and have found that I don't always wake up refreshed and renewed when taking them. A friend suggested I try Sleep 'n Restore. This is one of the best sleep aids on the market! Not only do I sleep through the night, I also wake up refreshed and ready to go.

great product
by Patty

When I was in college I started developing major sleep issues. I basically lived in NyQuil, thinking that it would help me sleep. I eventually got to the point where I realized that ingesting massive amounts of cough syrup can't be that good for me and I consulted my physician. She recommended Sleep N Restore (vs. hard core prescriptions) and I had immediate positive results.

Sleep N Like A Baby
by Matthew

This stuff has definately got to be one of the greatest sleeping pills on the market. I have started using these for the past month, and have been having a great night's sleep ever since. I also always wake up refreshed, and feel great.

Sleep N Restore
by Khalilah Murarsheed

I take Sleep N Restore on a daily basis to help me sleep better. Sleep N Restore really does work for sleep. Sleep N Restore works for me all the time. Sleep N Restore is the best sleep aid on the market today.

Finally Asleep
by Brenna

This is an amazing product for sleeping! I have a terrible time falling asleep and staying asleep. When I am having a night when I am just laying there awake--this always works. I had a customer that took all the prescription sleep pills and went to sleep clinics and gave Sleep N' Restore. He continued to come back in and buy it and said it seemed to help. The price is reasonable and it works for me!

Peaceful Sleep
by marissa

With only 5 hours of sleep every night, Sleep N Restore was right for me! When I wake up every morning now, I always feel refreshed and new again. I would recommend this product to anyone that has sleeping disorders.

Helps You feel Rested
by Michele Fair

I have found that most sleep aids male me feel groggy and yucky the next day, but this product is a true wonder. I can take this before bedtime and awake feeling refreshed and renewed. I have also found that it doesn't make me feel codependent on it but I can take it whenever I feel like I need a good night's rest and need to feel my best the next day.

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