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by Monica

I was having trouble sleeping and a friend gave me her Valerian tablets and I started taking them nightly (skeptical). But they did work. I felt more relaxed and was able to get to sleep easier and much earlier than I did before I started taking the Valerian tablets.

Its ok
by bno

I tried this because I never seem to get enough sleep and I will admit it helped me not be groggy with the lasting druggy effect. I felt like I slept better, bu not as deep as I would really like. I took this for about 4 weeks and had to switch to a sleeping pill to get that deeper sleep. This is good for someone who wants to use it on and off, not permanently. I keep a bottle on hand for just in case.

No groggy feelings in the morning
by Amy

Due to a constantly changing work schedule, I had a hard time getting to sleep and as a result, I was always tired at work. Someone suggested Valerian Nighttime to me and it ended up working very well. I fell asleep within 30 minutes of taking it and slept soundly all night. Not feeling groggy in the morning is a definite plus.

Helps me sleep well
by Josh

I don't know if I sleep any better than usual, but I do wake up feeling quite refreshed and it seems to help me fall asleep better when I take it before bed. Valerian root is known for this health property and it has been used before. Plus, Nature's Way is a renowned brand known for their quality. I would recommend this, but not with full 5 stars because there is no way for me to know if I'm sleeping well because of some sort of placebo effect or if these pills actually help.

I finally feel well-rested@
by Maria

I recently had a baby, and to say that my sleeping patterns have been completely out of sync would be an understatement. My mom suggested I try Valerian Nighttime once the baby got on a schedule. Well, last week that moment finally came, but unfortunately I was still all over the place with my sleeping schedule. I decided it was time to try this, knowing that I needed something to get me to sleep without completely knocking me out. Well, I have to say that this has dramatically helped get back to normal, but more than putting me to sleep, it relaxes me to the point where I can just doze off. When I wake in the morning, there is no grogginess, which is a great way to start the day!

Great way to get some relaxing sleep!
by Kerry Hays

This Valerian Nighttime supplement did a fantastic job! I suffer from slight insomnia, but with one little tablet, I had no problems relaxing and drifting off to sleep. I had no problems waking up to my alarm, and suffered from no ill effects such as grogginess upon waking up. Fantastic product to use, and a fantastic value!

NO more sleepless Nights
by Catherine

Both my husband and I tried this about a month ago because we were not getting the good sleep we needed. We tried Tyenol PM and Benadryl but they leave you with a sleep hangover the next AM. We tried the Valerian Nighttime and it was perfect. We felt rested and had energy in the AM.....MY only downside is that it took me a few nights to know how long it would be before it kicked in.

Natural Remedy
by Angela V.

A friend told me about valerian root and recommended I try this product. Since I didn't like regular sleeping pills, I gave it a try. These don't knock you out like ordinary sleeping pills and there is no groggy feeling in the morning. I don't feel that I sleep any heavier than normal, but I do feel well-rested in the morning.

Sleep Naturally
by Cindy B

If you expect the Valerian to knock you out, it won't. But if you want a nice relaxing sleep, this stuff really works. It calms you enough to get a good night's sleep without feeling "Out of it" the next day. For occasional sleeplessness the Nature's Way Valerian is well worth trying out.

tired of counting sheep?
by Tammy

If you're tired of counting sheep, this product is for you! I love it. It works for me even better than Melatonin products. It is nice not to have to feel "Groggy" in the morning.

Sweet Dreams
by cortney

I am the mother of 2 children and my oldest still gets up nightly for a trip to the bathroom. I have had trouble sleeping for years and was afraid of taking a sleep aid for fear that I would not wake up when my daughter needed me. A friend recommended Valerian. I took it after debating it for 2 weeks, and I had the best nights sleep I can remember since I became a mom! Thank you, Valerian!

by Roberta

I've tried other over the counter sleep products, and didn't like the way that they made me feel in the morning...groggy! I had read about using valerian root for sleep aid and decided to try it. I felt relaxed not groggy and did sleep very well. I will continue to use this product.

watch how many you take
by tinkerboooo

I love this stuff. It really works. If I take too many, I tend to get a yeast infection.

No more counting sheep
by acmccollom

After prescribing various "sleep aids" that always left me feeling hung over and groggy the next morning, my doctor suggested that I try Valerian Nighttime. I did have to learn to take it a few hours before bedtime since it does not have the "knock-out" effect of prescription sleeping pills. I can get a good night's sleep now and wake up refreshed.

A great alternative to prescription meds
by Crystal Neal

I had been on prescription sleeping pills for a few years, and I was really worried about what they were doing to my body when a friend recommended Valerian. I took it and was able to go to sleep just fine and wake feeling better in the morning without the groginess and dry mouth, which was great ! Now it's all I take when I need a little help going to sleep.


I have found Valerian Nightime to be a very effective sleeping aide. It helps me to relax, get a good night's sleep and not wake up exhausted in the morning. I have never woken up feeling groggy or tired in the morning after using it. It is also very beneficial as a muscle relaxant.

Valerian root
by melissa

I have had great success using this product at bedtime!! It is an all -atural product made from Valerian root. You don't have to pay the high price of sleep medication or worry about side effects!! It works perfectly every time!!

Valerian Nighttime
by Jeff

This is a great product if you can get past its horrible smell. I just started using it recently and it really does help me relax and get good sleep without all the side effects.

Sleep here I come!
by katy

I've been having sleep trouble for years. I've tried all sorts of sleeping pills, home remedies, etc. Finally, a friend suggested Valerian. Finally I can sleep again!

Sleep like a baby, wake up a little groggy!
by Carrie Russell

Valerian will definitely help you sleep, but be careful, it can also make you quite groggy in the morning. If you already have a hard time getting up in the morning, it might not be the best long-term remedy for you.

However, for times of major emotional trauma, it can be a godsend....remember, it's what they make Valium from!

Gentle sleep
by Cathy Weaver

My first experience with Valerian was while having my last baby at home and the midwife gave me a few drops under my tongue to relax me. I have since used Nature's Way Valerian Nighttime for those nights I am having a difficult time getting to sleep. I do not wake up feeling groggy or "out of it" and would recommend this product to anyone for those occasional sleepless nights.

Sleepy time
by Adam Paul

I agree with the prior poster. It does smell horrid. Look at it this way, it will put you to sleep, you will get a good night's sleep. You will wake refreshed unlike those "other" sleep-aids that cause you to wake up feeling like you were hit by a truck.

You won't mind the smell
by snowrunnr

Even though it smells like sweaty gym socks and bleu cheese, it is a great product for anyone who wants to relax naturally. It works better taken on an empty stomach and will take about 30 min. to take effect.

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