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just average
by pazz

My brother has sleep apnea and has been on many otc sleep medications with no effective results. He took this product 2 months back. The first 2 days were OK, but he started feeling drowsy during the day and just couldn't stay alert. He even had to miss work few times. Eventually he discontinued it, and now has switched to some other medication.

sleep easy
by wendy

I recommend this product for sleep, especially for those with children that need to still keep one ear open! Some of the prescription ones can cause you to sleep so deep the house could be on fire and you wouldn't know! The over the counter products I have tried in the past are a waste of money and don't work. This is a nice product for good quality, restful sleep.

It works
by T.X

I tried this to get a better sleep. Well, it does work. With its help, I can fall asleep easier. However, it makes me get up later than expected. I set the alarm at 7:00 am but I did not get up until 8:40 am. I missed a class and got very upset for that. I don't think it is a good choice if you want to get up early the next day morning.

Look elsewhere
by Mike

As a chronic insomniac suffering from sleep apnea and narcolepsy, Tranquilnite made my illness even worse! I become dormant, drowsy and somnolent during the day and restless at night. The medicine gets so intense that I have to wake up in the middle of the night and do something to keep myself occupied. I tested it for 6 days and never tried it again.

This One Works
by Kristy Blume

I have taken other over-the-counter sleep aides and they either did not work or made me so drowsy the next day I could not think. This one did not do that. This one worked a little more than gently. I felt the sleepiness coming but not so much that I felt I would drop. I was able to stay asleep for 6 hours. It did not help me the full 8 hours I was hoping for but it did help some.

Morning After!
by Noah Bratvold

This product worked great, put me into a deep sleep, but taking it at 11:30PM and waking up at 7:30 to get to work at 8:00, I was nodding off in the shower, and I almost fell asleep at work, the effects eventually wore off about an hour later.

I kept these, I take them on weekend nights I cannot fall asleep because I than have the time for the sleep.

Not recommended for a weeknight!

by Joanne Bille

I tried Tranquilenite because I was having difficulty sleeping at night. After trying many over the counter sleep aids, I was sleeping somewhat better, but I had the sluggish feeling left with me. Kind of dulled my energy level and my ability to think.

Then someone recommended me Tranquilenite. I instantly was able to find that combination of a good night's sleep with out the hungover feeling the next morning.

I recommend this product to anyone needig to find another alternative to the over the counter sleep aids. It works, easy to swallow because of the gel caps and it does not leave you out to lunch the next day.

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