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Read the label
by Susan

I have had months of not being able to shut my brain down and sleep, no matter how tired my body was. These definitely help put you out. I still woke up in the middle of the night, as I ALWAYS have, but I was able to go right back to sleep. Eight hours later I got up, although still groggy. It's been 14 hours since I took that pill, and the headache I woke up with is still there.

Read the label. If you are AT ALL prone to depression, choose another method of sleep aid. This definitely magnifies the feelings, and the fact that you slept all night doesn't make a difference if you spend the next day emotionally messed up.

by Julia Adams

To tell the truth I bought this because I thought it sounded funny. I needed a sleeping pill, but nothing works unless I take a lot of it. My sleeping patterns are all messed up, and I get stressed from not being able to sleep and then being up all day until 4am again, and then doing the same routine. So I decided to take this, but only because it sounded like it would knock me out to sleep. But to be truthful, this was the best I've taken. My sleep patterns are better, I can actually sleep instead of tossing and turning, and I feel better when I wake up.

Help me to bed.
by Janet

When I was all stressed out by exams and couldn't sleep, I would take Knock out. It really helped me to get a good night sleep so I will be able to stay focused during my exam. Knock out really works!!

What a great nights sleep!
by Jennifer

These have helped both me and my husband with many sleepless nights. Very calming and woke up feeling refreshed and not groggy like with sleeping pills.

Instant Sleep!
by Mike Huang

I had sleeping problems about a year ago and I went to the drugstore to look for a remedy for my problem. Knock-Out caught my eye because that's what I basically needed. That night I took one of these pills, and within 20 min. I was knocked out with no problem and slept until the morning.

Fair sleeping aid.
by vsb

This really helped me to get rid of sleepless nights. Especially when I am stressed, I will have a hard time getting to sleep. After taking this, I get enough sound sleep so that I can be ready for the next day's work.

very effective
by John spindler

This one is most effective for me. I stay up late until 11:00 despite the fact that I have to get up early the next morning. I used to not actually get to sleep until 12:00 in the morning. Now this really does knock me out.

Horrible side effects
by Jaime

My brain is sometimes so overrun with thoughts that I can't sleep, so I gave this product a try in the hopes that it could help me. It did help me to fall asleep, but I woke up often during the night. I awoke the next morning feeling as though I had spent the night running a marathon and being crushed by a tractor-trailer. I really wouldn't recommend these.

Gets you asleep, bad effects
by Noah Bratvold

I have never had an easy time falling asleep at night, and I have tried many sleep aids over the years, I ended up throwing this bottle away, because when I woke, I felt very groggy with a head ache.

Not very good!
by Laura Frost

They were not very helpful when it came to sleeping. They woke me up more than anything.

by Melissa

It did help me get to sleep, however I woke up in the middle of the night a lot.

Poor Sleep
by Charlie Herrin

I struggle with sleep issues due to over active brain. I have found on those occasions I need a bit of help and knock out really works.

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