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Fantastic Product, Worth Every Penny!
by Kerry Hays

While being expensive at first, this product, Nytex, actually works. As a long time sufferer of insomnia, I've tried a vast array of sleeping supplements that usually have no effect. While only taking one Nytex, I'm happy to say I was asleep well within 5 to 10 minutes, multiple times. The sleep that I encountered was very relaxing and restful, and I suffered no ill effects upon waking to my alarm the next morning. Highly recommended to everyone!

Nytex Helped Me Sleep
by littlecat

When I found out my son had "Autism", my stress-load more than doubled. I had to leave my job of 6 years, and was suddenly thrust into a whole new world of stay-at-home mom, with a disabled child. Needless to say, my nights were long and restless. Nytex helped me to sleep, as it took the edge off of my stress..better sleep enabled me to better handle the new responsibilities of raising a child with "Autism". I still use Nytex. I still buy Nytex to this day, and the price is right.

Helps Me Calm Down and Sleep
by Louis

I suffer from a lot of stress due to my work so I have trouble sleeping at night. I decided to try this product because I heard great things about it. To my surprise, it actually worked and I have been sleeping great now. The time it takes to work is quite fast and effective. I definitely recommend this to anyone needing help to sleep due to stress or insomnia.

No more restless mother!
by Gordy

I recently moved back home after graduating college and was reminded of my moms weird sleeping habits (or lack thereof). She would often wander around the house at 2 in the morning, watch television, and other activities even on work nights!

She was weary of taking anything for it as she always had the impression that sleeping aids and pills were overflowing with unnatural products and dangerous side effects. I introduced her to Nytex, which is a natural dietary supplement. She started taking the 2 capsules before bedtime and would soon zonk out for the night (usually within an hour of taking them).

This has been very helpful for her as she is now getting a full nights sleep and great for me because I don't have to get startled by her wandering around late at night!

Good Product
by Matt Bentley

This product definitely will put you to sleep - it's difficult to make a sleep product that doesn't work. This item gets a high rating from two things:

1 - It contains your Vitamin B12 and Antioxidants along with the sleeping pill. It's nice to eliminate a couple of pills at night.

2 - There are fewer side effects. You won't feel quite so nauseous, and won't feel quite so groggy. I think this may be because of the antioxidants.

Be very careful with any sleep product and don't use for a long time and only when recommended by your doctor.

Nytex works
by Mark Cooper

My wife has a very stressful job. She used to toss and turn all night long. After taking this product for 2 days, she no longer tosses. She gets an even full 8 hours of rest and awakens refreshed and ready to take on the day. Thank you for such a fine product.

Very Effective
by dee

In the past year I have been experiencing financial and marital troubles and the stress of life was affecting my sleep. Due to my mother's suggestion I picked up a bottle of Nytex for around $30.00. I took it the first night and I was sound asleep by 11:00 p.m. This is something that hasn't happened for me in around 13 months. Nytex comes highly recommended by me!

Helps me sleep
by Herman

I've been experiencing insomnia for quite a while now, with the added stress of work, school and relationships. At night, I find it very hard to sleep and sometimes it took up to 4-5 hours to fall asleep. I took Nytek one night and in about 15 minutes I was sound asleep. However, buyers should beware that Nytek could be too effective. I overslept by half an hour even with the alarm ringing in my ears!

Really Works
by Jaime

I had problems sleeping and was always stressed from work and kids. I started using this product late last year and it really does work. It's not overpriced, but I have not found anything else that works the way this does. I am not sleepy-headed in the mornings, but I get a peaceful night's rest every night. And I am not nearly as stressed out any more.

by pamela

For years I had trouble sleeping because of stress and worry. A friend told me about Nytex, and I tried it. Let's just say I would not go without this product! Works great, and I sleep much better!

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