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Pleased with the product
by Stanimir Yordanov

My job is connected with constant standing in front of the computer, and my eyes sometimes dry-up and start to hurt. I heard about this product from a co-worker, and he was right. It really helps you feel better. The price is very good and it does work.

Dry Eyes NO MORE!
by Joseph Thomas

I have really bad allergies and during the Spring and Fall my eyes get very dry and itchy. It used to get so bad that I had to wear glasses or I couldn't work at all. Then my doctor recommended Moistur-Eyes. He said that if I took 1 pill every day my eyes would be more comfortable.
They worked great. I just took 1 in the Morning and I had continual comfort in my eyes. The only thing I don't like about these is that after about 9 hours the pill started to wear off. So just remember to take a few with you to work or something just in case you need another one. I will definitely buy more of these.

Eyes so dry, my contacts would fall out
by David

Before I started taking Moistur-eyes, I always had to take eyedrops with me where ever I went. After 6 hours or so into the day, my eyes would get so dry and red, my contacts would actually fall out when I blinked. After I started taking the product, the only time I find my contacts coming out are when I'm taking them out. This product works.

No more rubbing
by michelle

I love this product. I work with a lot of chemicals because I am a hair colorist. This is really easy for me to take. Liquid moisturizer ruins my makeup, but this is very convenient. I'm released from rubbing my eye all the time. PS: rubbing your eye too often can make you have wrinkles!

Chronic dried eyes
by Arial

After wearing contacts lenses for about 2 years, I started to experience dry eyes. It turns out that my tear ducts wouldn't lubricate properly like they once did. I tried remedies such as Visine for contact users, but to no avail, as it was very temporary relief. That's when I decided to try these pills. All that's needed is to take 2 pills daily, and my eyes aren't dry as before. What a relief!

dry eyes gone
by wendy

This product is GREAT!! I have extremely dry eyes, mainly because of side effects of medications and allergies. This has really helped relieve the dryness, and I am even able to wear my contact lenses more because my eyes are not so dry. I highly recommend this product!

eye irritation gone
by Ricardo Gutierrez

Spending lots of time staring at a computer screen makes my eyes extremely dry on a daily basis. I've tried Clear Eyes, Visine, all the major products, and they only provide immediate relief, but nothing for extended periods of time. It becomes a hassle having to pour drops every hour or so. I tried Moistur-Eyes for the last 2 months and still suffer from dry eyes, but not as extreme as it was before. No longer do you catch me constantly blinking to replenish the lost moisture. I take them in the morning and the results last the entire day at the office.

replenishes moisture!
by Cady

After moving to a higher altitude, my eyes became horribly dried out. My eye doctor recommended Moistur-Eyes to me. I take them as needed, but they work great! So long eye drops!

by barbara

I am very impressed with this product. Dry eyes has been a problem for me for quite sometime but with the combination of this product and reducing my caffiene intake the problem now is minimal. It has helped greatly. Anyone with dry eye should try this.

Get rid of dry eyes
by Nams

This product really does deliver on its claim. My sister used to be really bothered with dry, irritated eyes at the end of most days but this problem has been greatly alleviated by taking one Moistur-Eyes capsule daily.

Dry eye - Goodbye!
by Gordy

This is another example of how my health changed from youth to adult. I had perfectly moisturized eyes with no problem whatsoever when I was little, but as I grew up my eyes became increasingly dry in the morning. I needed relief - specifically, relief in the form of something other than eye drops as I have a REALLY hard time getting those in without wasting a whole bottle.

I found Moistur-Eyes by Carlson while looking around my local drugstore. Moist and lubricated eyes through the form of softgels? No way... right? Well, I must say they have worked wonders since I started taking 2 daily. No more dry, irritate, itchy eyes first thing when I wake up. I jump out of bed, ready to go.

At less than $20 for about a 45 day supply, I highly recommend anyone with sensitive and dry eyes to give this a try.

by Sandy B

Product seems to be working well. Dry eyes have become moist after being on this product for several weeks. I dislike using eye drops and wear contact lenses so this product works great. It is a little on the pricey side which seems to be the only drawback.

Great Product
by Rebecca

Dry eye while wearing contacts has always been a problem for me. At my last visit, the doctor told me that caffeine can contribute to this. Since I can't live without my coffee, I decided to try supplements instead. This product has significantly helped with the dryness I was experiencing.

Thank you Moistur-Eyes!
by Chris Cuello

This is a great product. I have had dry eyes for as long as I can remember. I tried product after product with NO success. Finally, a friend turned me on to Moistur-Eyes and what a difference it has made in my life. I no longer need to carry eye-drops around. My eyes produce tears to keep my eyes moist and comfortable.

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