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by Frankie

This is wonderful . My eyes are so much better since using this product . I will continue to use this product.

Good for your eyes
by Zheng

Wow! I can see better now. This product does work. I have used this about 3 months and it has really increased my vision. The brand is great because I have heard good things about them. I would buy this product again

FloraGlo Lutein
by Carol Covello

I started taking these vitamins with Lutein after my mother was diagnosed with macular degeneration - a condition which can lead to premature blindness. Her doctor put her on vitamins with Lutein as he said that research had shown that it slows the progress of the tissue degeneration. After some research of my own showed there to be cause to believe it was a hereditary condition, I put myself on them as well. As an interesting possible side effect, my own eye doctor had been concerned about my dry eyes, and on my most recent exam said the dryness was gone. Don't know if it was the vitamins - but I am still taking them!

by Eli

It is effective in providing support for deteriorating eyes. If you are aging, buy this product. It has cured my cataracts and also keeps my vision strong.

Save your site.
by Shreyas Patel

My doctor said I was at risk of getting cataracts in my eyes, so he told me to try FloraGLO which cleared up any blurring I already had, and got rid of the dryness.

Just another vitamin supplement
by Valorie Joy

I've taken it for about three months and haven't noticed a difference. My eyes are bad with a stigmatism so I guess it doesn't hurt to take it since it is natural with the Lutein.

FloraGLO for Eye Health
by Joanne Benham

I take FloraGLO with Lutein to help protect my badly weakening eyes. I take one soft gel every day and this year I did not need a stronger eyeglass prescription. This could almost be classified as a miracle since my prescription has gotten stronger every year for the last twenty years. In addition, the Lutein has also proven effective in protecting the lungs and arteries from free radicals, a nice bonus.

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