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dry eyes are itchy
by Margi L

I really found no benefit from this product. I was hoping it would help some occasional blurriness and excessive tearing but instead it completely dried my eyes out too much and made them real itchy and uncomfortable. The product is too pricey and remembering to take anything 4 times a day becomes a chore.

by Joseph Thomas

You can't heal your eyes by taking these pills. After taking these for a couple weeks I went in to see my eye doctor and they made my eyes worse. He said that they damaged my corneas and that they dried the surface of my eyes.
And it was really hard to remember to take 4 pills a day! I will never buy this product or any other products like it without talking to my doctor first!

I can see clearly now...
by Jamie

I can see clearly now that my eyes have stopped tearing up from taking this product. I was duped. Like many vitamin products geared to specific parts of the body, this one seemed to do nothing but aggravate me and drain my wallet. The only thing this product did was make me glad I have an eye doctor, and a new pair of prescription glasses.

Not a smart choice
by Jennifer Stewart

This product was not very effective. It made my eyes itchy and watery, and did nothing to help my nearsightedness. The best thing to do to help you with your eyes is go to your optometrist if you are having vision problems.

Vitamins for your eyes
by Gordy

If your eyes are in bad shape, and you want to help keep them from getting worse, there are options out there. One alternative is to take supplements aimed at promoting eye health.

Eye Guard Plus by Puritan's Pride is a great product for anyone looking to get that extra boost in the nutrients essential to healthy eyes. This supplement contains a mix of ingredients aimed at promoting healthy eye maintenance and circulation which include:
-Vitamin C
-Vitamin E
-Bilberry extract
-Beta carotene

All you have to do is take 4 capsules daily with any meal and you'll reap all the benefits of supplements like these. I began taking these when I was told that I really needed to make changes in order to keep my eyes from getting progressively worse over time. I felt that this product was effective enough that I noticed my eyes were feeling better, less strain, and more moisture.

The downside to this product is that it is over $20 for only about 15 days worth of capsules. That is pretty expensive for such a general product. I recommend giving it a try, but be on the lookout for other similar products at a cheaper price.

High risk to the eyes
by christiana

When it comes to the eyes, one should be careful about the products to try. I bought this product hoping that it will work but had to discard it after one week of use. It made my eyes watery and itchy. I was so afraidm I had to go for an eye exam and was told the product was causing my itchy and watery eyes.

Hmm Unclear Result
by DAV92683

When my mom's eyes starting to get bad, I took her to the doctor to see if there was anything we could do. But, he only recommended laser survey. So, I went online and researched and found and bought this product. My mom took it for a full month, but it didn't have any affect so we tried it another month. After two months, my mom told me that she saw no improvement in her eyes. The supplement is very expensive so try at your own risk. I would not buy it again.

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