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Perfect Eyes

Perfect Eyes [Circulatory, Vital Nutrition]. Our eyes are constantly exposed to sunlight and artificial lighting, which can generate free radicals that have harmful effects on ocular cells. After middle age, our natural antioxidant production decreases, and the pigments in our eyes change. Perfect Eyes gives your eyes the nutritional support they need to protect against free radical damage. This formula contains lutein, an important antioxidant that may protect against the advancement of age-related macular degeneration, and N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC). Aging bodies can easily convert NAC into the eye-protecting antioxidant glutathione, defending the eye from harmful free radicals. These two key ingredients reduce oxidative damage to retinal cells and thus help protect the eye. Perfect Eyes also contains bilberry fruit, curcuminoids powder extract, eyebright herb, alpha and beta carotene, lycopene, zeaxanthin, cryptoxanthin, zinc gluconate, selenium, taurine, quercetin and hesperidin. Two capsules provides 6 mg lutein.
Product: Perfect Eyes
Brand: Nature's Sunshine (More Products)
Size: 60 Capsules
Dosage: Take 2 capsules daily.
Retail: $25.85
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5 Customer Reviews

by he

I felt my eyes were not seeing as well as they should. I went to the doctor & she said I needed help and recommended a supplement. I've used NATURE SUNSHINE PRODUCTS before so I went with Perfect Eyes. It is quite expensive but I needed help. I tried and I was disappointed but I kept taking it and it finally started to feel much better. Thanks to Perfect Eyes.

Very Effective, Be Patient
by Cleve

These are meant for prophylactic use and are not any overnight cure for an optical condition, so continued use is important. My doctor said that it could take several months to notice any marked improvement in the event it does improve any already done optic damage.
This formula in particular is more expensive than if you just bought each active ingredient separately but then again it is mixed to a very specific targeted recommended dose that has been proven in studies to halt or decrease the progression of macular and/or optical degeneration.
As my doctor advised me to take a supplement such as this. I do feel these are beneficial when evaluated over extended time periods of regular use. Not everything has immediate results but I do feel this mix of contents will benefit greatly in time.

Doesn't work
by Kalvin

I tried these under the recommendation of a friend, but after taking it for the past month I have not noticed any difference. I'm not expecting anything significant, but I have bad enough eyesight that I would be able to notice if they got even slightly better. These do not work and I don't particularly care to continue to pay to find out.

Not Impressed
by Corey G

I purchased this product from the advice of a friend who said it "Worked Miracles" for him. My eyes are not terrible, however I do need glasses to see at 20/20. I purchased a bottle of Perfect Eyes from a local Vitamin Shop at a hefty fee, I might add. I have been taking it over the past month or so and have not noticed any changes in my eyesight.
It seems as though some people have luck with this product, just not me.

It helps
by C Collins

I have suffered with bad eyes since childhood. Until I am able to do lasix surgery, I need to do what I can to ensure that my eyes don't get worse. Nature's Sunshine is a company I can trust, so I know this is a good product. I have also witnessed my eye sight slightly improving over the last few months that I have been using it. That is an amazing thing for someone who has suffered with bad eyes all her life. I highly recommend using it.