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by JB Casper

I have been using Optim-Eyes for about three weeks and while it's always difficult to determine all of the variables which could be involved, my eyes have been markedly improved in terms of the "dry eyes" problem which lead to purchase of the product; no noted side-effect(s). I plan to reorder and stick with Optim-Eyes, so far the only thing which seems to have helped me with dry/watery eyes.

Avoid this one folks!
by Kerry Hays

Upon taking this product I noticed no difference over a couple of weeks. However the pills did make me nauseous a number of times. Almost 10-15 minutes after taking the supplement. I believe the Optim-Eyes product is overpriced for what it is, and very unstable.

A bit overpriced
by Michael L.

Tried this product for 6 weeks and did notice a small difference, particularly with night vision. A bit overpriced. Would recommend getting vitamin E and Beta Carotene separately, instead of paying this price.

Use Saline, Not This
by Kevin Lumpkin

I know a few people who've tried this product as a solution to their dry-eye problems, and they've all been very dissatisfied with their purchase. If there is a way to treat dry eyes in pill form, this doesn't seem to be it. As for myself, when I find myself suffering from dry eye (usually from over-wearing my contacts,) I just reach for my saline solution - not that complicated.

Doesn't work
by Justin

I attempted to use this product after hearing advertisements for similar products on the radio. I am near sited and took these for about three months without change. I recommend eating the foods that contain these vitamins and minerals or using an all encompassing vitamin pack.

Not for me
by Christine M.

I gave these a try so I would not be so dependent on my glasses. After a little over a month of taking them, I could not see any change at all in my sight.

Nearsighted? Farsighted?
by John S.

Since I am nearsighted, I gave these a shot to see what it could do for me, and I can tell that they work a little bit. I started thinking about wearing contacts less often. Probably not.

Not effective
by Kristina

I have found that this product carries no effect, at least on me. I though it would improve my vision but it didn't even prolong the detioration of my vision. I think that twenty-four dollars for a one month supply is asking too much to start with.

No effect on me...
by Herman

I started taking these after I started wearing glasses. I thought taking these vitamins could help improve my vision or prolong it. However, after a few months of taking it, I didn't notice any effect on my eyesight. Since I didn't want to waste my hard earned money on something that isn't helping me in any way, I stopped using it.

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