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know before you buy
by Paul

When looking for supplements to buy it's important that you know the potency of the product and if it's standardized. I found the information for Vitamin Shoppe brand Lutein with Bilberry on another site. 1 capsule of Vitamin Shoppe contains:

Bilberry 60 mg
Lutein 6 mg
Zeaxanthin 260 mcg

When searching for competing blends of Lutein and Bilberry, i've found that most contain smaller amounts of Lutein and Bilberry than you would find if you bought each one separately. The best deal i found was Swanson Ultra EyesAlive. 1 capsule of EyesAlive contains:

Bilberry 160 mg (standardized to 25% anthocyanidins)
Lutein 10 mg
Zeaxanthin 500 mcg

Besides being more potent it is also a better price. I've only just started taking Bilberry and Lutein so i can't comment on whether it has helped me or not. If it ends up helping me then i will likely switch to Swanson.

it works
by Stephen

It works! I've always had poor eyesight and I had laser surgery a few years ago. The doctor recommended I try these for eye health. I really like them. My eyes feel strong and I don't get tired when I stare at a computer screen all day (which I tend to do a lot). Overall I am very pleased and would recommend that people take these to protect their eyes.

by frank

I am a computer guy with 10 plus hours on the computer daily. I feel dizzy every day after work. Some coworkers suggested lutein, and then I searched and found this product. Helpful, but really not a major help.

no more blurred vision
by Arvinder

My vision was very poor, I had to wear glasses all the time. Then I read about this product in the newspaper and bought it. My vision has improved a lot, now there is no blurred vision without the glasses. My personality has changed, I feel more confident now. This natural supplement is really beneficial.

OK product
by Dustin

I have had glasses since I was 17 and many times have had to increase my prescription. I have been taking this for the past 4 months and really didn't notice anything, but I figured let me wait until I go to the eye doctor. I went and still needed a stronger prescription. I told the doctor I had been taking this supplement and he did recommend I continue claiming that Lutein is great for prevention of more degeneration.

Time will tell
by Heather

My grandfather and my grandmother both have macular degeneration. I am taking this as a preventative measure. I have worn glasses since I was 7 years old, and have seen no changes in my eyes. I have been using the product for 3 months. I will continue to take this though to try and protect my eye health and prevent the macular degeneration that occurred with my family members.

Luein and Billberry
by Julia Adams

Ever since I was in 4th grade, I thought I was going blind. I then ended up wearing glasses that I couldn't pay for, so they looked really embarrassing. Now that I have grown up, I just got contacts, and my eyes still have had some blurring. My eye doctor told me my left eye produces a lot of protein that blurs my eyes and the contacts. I started taking Lutein and Billberry, and my vision has increased. Of course ,not 20/20 vision, but it helped increase my vision and I can see a lot better than normal.

Great to get stronger Eyes
by Joe Kolarz

I have had eye problems ever since I was very young. I currently wear contacts and use always have blurry vision late in the day. Since I started taking this vitmain about a year ago, I have noticed a lot of improvement in my vision. I almost never have blurry vision now and I think it acutally helped improve my eyesight a little.

Preventing glasses
by Denise

I've had near perfect vision all of my life, but when I started working with computers I was pained to start feeling eye strain. I talked to my RN and she suggested a Lutein supplement. I've been on this supplement for two years and no longer feel any strain and my eye doctor says that my vision has returned to normal. I'll continue to take 1 tablet a day for as long as I work with computers and recommend it to everyone.

Lutein with Bilberry
by Paula

A year ago, my doctor suggested to take Lutein with Bilberry supplement, but I was a bit skeptical. I was having terrible headaches triggered by eye strain. I took this supplement for about 6 months and I started having more headaches and my eyes burned all the time, especially when using the computer so I went to my eye doctor and he said, "What have you been doing?" I told him about the Lutein and Bilberry. He said, "Well it's not that your eyes are worse, they are actually better. The strength has reversed enough to cause the problem now." Yes, my nearsightedness had improved so I now need new glasses with less strength. This product has now made a skeptic a believer. I will never quit using this product, and I'm suggesting it to everybody now.

Night vision much improved!
by T. Danger

I have poor vision at night and semi darkness/twilight, and so I started taking supplements. My vision is okay during the day with my prescription glasses, but as soon as the sun sets I feel like a mole above ground.
I have been taking Lutein and Bilberry for over a month, and things seem to be improving already! I still wear glasses of course, but if I have to get up in the middle of the night I can safely make it to the restroom and back without stubbing my toes! Hooray!

helps improve night vision
by Lynn Lacas

I wear glasses and contacts to correct my nearsightedness but I have a difficult time seeing at night, especially when driving. Lutein with Bilberry taken daily has improved my poor night vision and has helped me see better when driving at night.

Great product
by mar438

I have worn eye glasses since childhood, and as I got older my eyes got weaker. But since I have been taking lutein with bilberry my eyesight has changed not a great deal ,but enough where I don't have to wear my glasses as often as I have been. I love this product.

Great Product
by Rebecca

I have had poor vision for 17 years. It has gradually deteriorated, and the doctor suggested I try supplements. This product has definitely aided in strengthening my eyesight!

My eyes feel less tried in dim light
by TC

My mother urged me to try out this product after reading in the news that bilberry can help sharpen the eye sight. I have a "lazy" eye, where my left eye's vision is significantly weaker. I can never read or watch TV for a long time in dim light settings. Sometimes in movie theaters, my left eye will get so tried and watery that I cannot stay until the end of the movie.

After taking this supplement for a few months, I notice that my "lazy" left eye can sustain longer in dim lighting. I still have to rest after a prolonged period in the dark, but I definitely notice a difference.

Lutein with Bilberry
by Christy R.

I've always had poor eyesight and I had laser surgery a few years ago. The doctor recommended I try these for eye health and I really like them. My eyes feel strong and I don't get tired when I stare at a computer screen all day (which I tend to do a lot). Overall I am very pleased and would recommend that people take these to protect their eyes.

Lutein with Bilberry
by nikki

My husband has macular degenerative disease. He takes this daily for his eye health. So far, his eye's have not gotten worse, which is great. I take it too, just as a preventative measure.

A Combination of the Best!
by Judith

A fantastic combo for good eye health. As a 50+ active woman, I have noticed a dramatic lessening of eyestrain and I feel that my vision is sharper, particularly at night. My vision is very precious to me and I feel that this is the best supplement around for good eye health.

See it all
by Valerie M.

In this great vision complex, there are several benefits: 1. Lutein, 2. Bilberry, 3. Great value, 4. Only 1-2 capsules daily! Most of them suggest 3-6 pills per day. That's a lot when you take other vitamins too! I use this as a preventative measure. It seems to have helped my eyes to stay moist when I wear contacts also. It is best to take omega fatty acids as well.

Vitamin Shoppe Lutein with Bilberry
by Joan Jones

We take one of these caps each morning for our eyesight, and have done so for a couple of years. My husband has elevated eye pressure which could lead to glaucoma, so we are very particular about his taking supplements to maintain his eye health. His pressure has even gone down a little this past year. This is one of the supplements we wouldn't skip!

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