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Seems to be alright
by Michael Xiong

Upon writing this review, I have taken the Beta Carotene supplement for about 2 weeks now. I enjoy the feeling of knowing that I am taking in something that is healthy for my body. I normally don't enjoy eating vegetables, so I find this supplement a good alternative to getting my daily dietary needs. Nevertheless, I am still slightly skeptical of the product, since I haven't yet seen any definitive results. I suppose that with a product like Beta Carotene, it is hard to see immediate results, and is more of a long-term project to stay healthy. There certainly have not been any negative side effects from taking this product, but I haven't given this product rave reviews like others simply because I also haven't seen any positive results. Ultimately, however, I would still recommend this supplement to others, since it does seem to be good for you.

I Can See
by Silvio Chiba

I do not like eating my veggies at all, especially carrots. I am more a meat and potatoes kind of guy. This kind of vitamin is perfect for people like me, who hate to eat those green things (and carrots). Now I don't have to worry about poor vision since I take this beta carotene supplemental vitamin. Its a must buy for people who don't eat your carrots (like mom said to do). The vitamin is also pretty small and easy to take down with some milk or water.

Healthier than my carrots XD
by Candice

I LOVE CARROTS, but the way I cook them (in lots of butter and brown sugar) is not such a healthy source of Beta Carotene. So instead I supplement my diet with these great softgels that have helped my eye sight from becoming even worse in my old age!

its better than eating carrots
by renuka

Eating carrots is really boring. Carrots contain a lot of beta carotene, but I don't like the taste. This product is good. I love to take it regularly. It is very essential for your eyes and it contains antioxidants. It is really good for your health. I really love this product.

by Annie

This is a great way to skip eating carrots and still get the same benefits as if you had eaten carrots. This will help maintain good vision and healthy eyes. I have been using it and its great!

No more carrots!
by S

Free radical damage can take its toll on your skin's vitality, overall health, and immune system. Beta carotene is commonly found in carrots (the reason why we should be eating tons of them), but this supplement has helped boost my diet when that's not possible! The supplement is easy to digest, is natural-based, and offers great value for money as compared to other brands.

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