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CoQ10 100 mg
by KG Harbin

This is a great product. I have been quite happy with it.


I have used this product for many reasons over the years, and it is really powerful. I had problems with swelling and edema, and it really helped with that. I cannot say enough about this product. It is great for the cardiovascular system.

by Beverly Adams

My husband and I have both been taking Natrol CoQ-10 for a year or a little more. Our doctor suggested that we take CoQ-10 as we are both taking a statin drug. She told us that long term use of a statin and also getting older, both deplete your levels. Since taking CoQ-10 I have had a substantial decrease in muscle aches. We never miss a day!

health teacher/coach/athlete
by kevin reilly

I have been taking CoQ10 for about 5 years now.
My high blood pressure has stabilized. I am only on one prescription water pill- previously being two blood pressure meds. My doctor has told me of " my heart of an athlete" after viewing my EKG and echo tests. Natrol makes some nice products. This stuff is not cheap but is a great expensive in your healt

CQ-10 consideration
by CA

Everywhere I turn I read about this product, all the items it helps out with (mainly heart related), so I decided to give it a shot. The two things you have to understand about this product, 1) it is expensive 2) you can't "feel" the effect of it. I have NO doubt that it helps you, however for $30 a month, I'll spend my supplement money elsewhere.

Treatment for Blood Preasure
by Michael L.

I have had blood pressure problems since the age of 21. I am 46 now. I am currently taking three different medications to control it. I wanted to try something more natural with less side effects. I have been on this product for 4 weeks now and have seen some modest results. I have lowered diastolic blood pressure by 5 points on average and systolic by 7. Will keep using.

by Brian

I first heard about CoQ10 on “Oprah,” of all places, in connection with reducing high blood pressure, a problem that runs on my father’s side of the family and which I’ve been told I’m susceptible to having as I age. So far so good with this product, which is taste-free but certainly on the expensive side.

CoQ10 works
by kvantol

I was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy, which is a heart disease characterized by weak pumping action due to weak enlarged heart muscle. The function of my heart five years after being diagnosed had declined leading to a possibility of heart failure. I was told by a friend about this Coenzyme Q10 and researched it thoroughly. Even though the doctors didn't support the use of it for my heart problems, I tried it anyway at a dosage of 100 mg a day. Within 3 months, my heart improved by a great amount. So I now take 150 mg a day and am hoping for a full recovery. I will not know how much it has improved until my next visit. It is a great supplement with no side effects (at least I never read of any or had any myself). It helps lower blood sugar, helps you lose weight, and helps replenish cells in your body. I can't say enough good things about this supplement.

not worth the price
by tinkerboooo

I think you can get this same product for so much less money, with a different brand. It is good for your heart. It should be taken by everyone. But, before you decide, compare prices.

Firm Believer in This Product
by bunni

I had been reading a lot about C0Q10 and it's ability to assist your immune system, protect the heart, and give you energy. I have used this product and was pleased with the results. I immediately noticed an increase in my energy levels. I have however, been trying to find this same product by Natrol in gel or liquid form.

by Lana

I decided to take CoQ10 100 mg capsules because I heard about the positive correlation between cardiovascular health and the consumption of these tablets. The claims of increased energy while aiding as an antioxidant seemed impressive enough for me to justify spending $28.00 on this product. A week after taking the plunge, I began to regret my decision. My side effects associated with its use were horrible! I was experiencing severe abdominal pain and nausea. At first, I thought it was something else in my life causing the symptoms, but as soon as I stopped taking the capsules the symptoms were no longer present. It is safe to say that my only memory of taking CoQ10 is associated with horrible adverse side effects that caused an immediate disapproval of the product. Too bad I was not able to get past the negative effects in order to evaluate any potential positive effects this product may have to offer. Save yourself the trouble and look elsewhere!

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