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Great Product
by Chris Carter

I bought this a couple of months ago when my doctor told me that I needed something for my heart. I browsed around the drugstore and found this. I took this brand because I had heard good things about it. This jar is essentially a months supply, and it's been working out great. For just under $30, I have two months worth of energy and heart medicine. I'll buy this again if my doctor keeps telling me that I have a heart problem.

No Results
by mar100

I decided to take CoQ10 after a Dr's visit in June when he that said my blood pressure was high, and my cholesterol needed attention. I always knew about this supplement, but now I decided to take it. I bought this brand because it is one of my regular choices so the reputation is good with me. There was no difference in my statistics after 2 months. I didn't continue to take this supplement. It just wasn't right for me. I chose to spend my money on other supplements, which DID help. I went to my Dr at the end of December and my blood pressure was 'excellent'. While I was taking the product I went monthly to the Dr and there was no change. I contribute my excellent BP to Acai Juice mainly.

Seeing results
by trish

I have high blood pressure along with diabetes and my blood pressure was slightly elevated on my last doctor's visit 3 months ago. He wanted to change my BP meds but I didn't want to try another type. So he suggested I try CoQ10 and come back in 3 months. I recently saw him and after he checked my pressure he said it went down to normal readings since last time and to keep on the CoQ10 and he will keep a watch on it. I can only speak for myself but I am glad it seems to be working as I take enough meds and don't want to take any more. I like using natural products.

Healthy Heart.
by Mike

I use this daily. I have heart problems in my family, and I've been to the doctor several times with really high blood pressure. So, I sought out help because I am afraid of what might happen later on. I do not like to take over the counter medicines, so my health food store recommended this. So far, it has been very effective. I've seen great results at my doctor!

Lowered my Blood Presure
by Mike

Lowered both my diastolic and systolic blood pressure with this product. Was borderline hypertensive before. After 6 weeks, now have normal pressure. My doctor was pleased also.

I swear by CoQ10
by Julie Moore

This is simply part of my daily regime of vitamins. Too many studies out there talk about this as a heart-healthy supplement for me to disbelieve. This brand is really easy to swallow too.

Canine Friendly
by Joanne Benham

I own several Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, a breed of dog that is very susceptible to Mitral valve disease. Statistics show that 95% of these dogs will develop heart disease by the time they are four, an extremely high proportion. On the advice of my vet and my breeder friends, I have all of my dogs on the 30 mg daily dosage and so far, all are free of heart disease. They range in age from 4-9.

For migraines?
by Jamie Wilson

My teenage son has horrible migraines, and someone told me to try CoQ10; I didn't think this one would be a high enough dosage, but he went from about one every week lasting more than a day to about one a month that was under control within twelve hours. It did something!

Heart Healthy
by Charlie Herrin

I use this to help keep my heart healthy. I am asked often if it works and truthfully I am not absolutely for sure. I tell people I would rather error on the side of what the scientist say rather than what I don't feel. I just figure it one of my vitamins.

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