f CellFood 100% RDA MulitVitamin Spray Reviews and Information

100% RDA MulitVitamin Spray

Cellfood MultiVitamin Formula solves the universal problem of poor vitamin absorption and assimilation with 100% RDA of 12 critical vitamins plus Cellfood in a laser-enhanced oral spray.

Cellfood MultiVitamin 100% RDA Formula is provided in a very convenient— and highly biologically active— oral spray form. By providing the vitamin nutrients in this form, we've been able to increase absorption into the bloodstream significantly. Instead of less than 20% delivery to the blood stream with pills— and other conventional non-liquid delivery— an oral spray may effectively deliver 90% or more to the cells.
Product: 100% RDA MulitVitamin Spray
Brand: CellFood (More Products)
Size: 1 oz spray bottle
Dosage: Use once daily
Retail: $31.95
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3 Customer Reviews

Great product
by jason

I take a lot of vitamins and supplements everyday, so I have a high pill intake which I constantly seek to reduce. This oral spray multi allows me to have one less pill to swallow and break down and allows me to conveniently just spray it in my mouth! Tastes good too!

great product
by nick

This is a wonderful option for those of you who either can't swallow large pills, or if you are like me, have a sensitive stomach. I would get an upset stomach from taking regular vitamins, but with these, I feel great! The orange taste is pleasant, but there is a slight earthy smell to the vitamins. Overall, if you are looking for a good adult multivitamin, and don't want cartoon characters, this is your best choice!

Spray away
by nikki

Wow, is this convenient to use. I can tell a difference in the absorption of the vitamins. I feel so much better when I use this spray. My daughter can not take pills without gagging. This has been especially easy for her to use.