f Nature's Answer Multi-Daily Vitamins & Minerals Reviews and Information

Multi-Daily Vitamins & Minerals

High Potency Formula
Product: Multi-Daily Vitamins & Minerals
Brand: Nature's Answer (More Products)
Size: 50 Tablets
Dosage: 1 tablet daily
Retail: $14.99
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13 Customer Reviews

by John B

Can't really say for sure that this works, but I have taken it faithfully for 2 years. I suppose that is the little thing about multi-vitamins--you can never really know for sure that they work.

Not bad price
by Lorri

I like to make sure that when I don't always eat a balanced meal, and who does in these hectic times, that I am getting all the vitamins and nutrients I need to keep healthy. So I bought Nature's Answer Multi-Daily Vitamins & Minerals to make sure I wasn't missing out. I also have my husband take them and he has said he noticed an increase in energy since he's been on them. We both started taking then over 6 months ago and feel we are doing something good for our bodies to stay healthy. I wish they made them in a larger sized bottle so we wouldn't need to buy it so often.

Great product-great price
by Ann

I don't always have time to eat as balanced a diet as I should, so to be safe and sure I get the minumin daily requirements, I take these. It's easy to remember to take one a day and I usually take it with my breakfast, since I need to take some of my meds with food. I really have noticed that since taking these vitamins that I seem to have more stamina and don't need that "pick me up" cup of coffee in the late afternoon. It's also a great price compared to most other Multi-vitamins.

8 months and counting
by MC

I've used this product for about 8 months now. Before this, I used some of the leading brands so I have a basis to compare it to. This Vitamin seems to keep working all day. It keeps you feeling clean and energized. Some of the others seemed like I was just taking a sugar tablet. These seem to give me an over all sense of well-being. One thing these Multi-Vitamins are good for is, if you had a late night, take this before going to bed and it will make you alive and ready in the morning. Even before work. This thing keeps me going all day, I'm not sure what I would do with out them now.

by Sally

I like these as they are easy to find. These are the only vitamins I have taken for an extended period of time and have noticed I don't have that late afternoon "tiredness" I get when I don't take vitamins. This seems to work better than other vitamins I have taken. I will continue to take this on a regular basis, as I really do feel energized, and I need all of that I can get!

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