f Nature's Sunshine Super Supplemental (without iron) Vitamins and Minerals Reviews and Information

Super Supplemental (without iron) Vitamins and Minerals

•Provides 100 percent or more of current daily requirements for 12 essential vitamins, plus significant amounts of 13 important minerals.
•Contains two important carotenoid antioxidants, lutein and lycopene.
•Offers extra amounts of essential B-vitamins (depleted by physical stress) for energy.

Super Supplemental Vitamins & Minerals [Vital Nutrition] augments any diet. Balanced nutrients are often in short supply during periods of physical stress or convalescence, or in a diet consisting of mostly processed foods. Supplementing your diet with Super Supplemental can help fill the void.
Product: Super Supplemental (without iron) Vitamins and Minerals
Brand: Nature's Sunshine (More Products)
Size: 120 tablets
Dosage: Take 4 tablets with a meal
Retail: $23.90
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5 Customer Reviews

by Tim

I have used this vitamin for about five or six years now. I give it to my kids, my wife, and it seems to work great. I noticed increases in my energy and my overall health. I haven't even experienced a cold yet this year!!! Not that many people can say that. Will I continue to buy this product? Is that even a serious question. Of course I will. I think that it is the best vitamin out on the market. I took this brand of vitamin because I wanted a vitamin without iron (doctor said i had too much). This was the first vitamin I saw on the shelf without iron and decided to try it. Now here I am 5 years later and I am still using this product.

Great for those with plenty of Iron
by AJ Goldberg

Three months ago, I found out I had too much iron in my diet. (I know, too much of a mineral? I thought they were good for you!) and my doctor demanded I change it up. He said that his niece was using this particular brand, and that I should try it. I have absolutely no problems with it; price, size, even taste are perfect. My hat's off to the company responsible for this wonderpill.

Works Wonderfully
by Katelin

During the birth of my son, I experienced more blood loss than normal. My doctor had me taking iron pills for a few months in order to get my blood supply back up. Until then, I found it difficult to find the energy to watch what I was eating. My doctor felt that during my time of recovery, it was more important than ever to have proper vitamins and minerals. She suggested that I try this supplement. I feel as though this was the main reason for my speedy recovery. I took these just as directed, and was feeling healthier than ever within about 2 months. I highly recommend this product!

Great Product
by Judith

This is a very well rounded supplement. It is important in that it does not contain iron. Many people cannot take supplemental iron for one reason or another, and this is one of the few good supplements out there that does not contain iron. Great product.

Great product
by Matt

I've used this vitamin for years. Both my wife and I love it and can definitely feel a difference when we take it. We have more energy and just generally feel better.