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Product: Classic
Brand: Reliv (More Products)
Size: 500 grams (17.6 oz)
Dosage: 2 scoops
Retail: $45.00
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5 Customer Reviews

by Tamara M.

I have been taking Reliv for about a year now, I am 31 years old and I am a really healthy person. My only complaints have been that as a Mom with young kids I feel like I have no energy EVER and the run-around never stops. This product is the only thing that keeps me going. I honestly don't take it faithfully every day however when I am feeling low on enery or I just can't think clearly I RUN for my reliv!!!! I see an immediate reaction I love this stuff and am really greatful to have it!!!

Reliv is amazing, I have forgotten what it's like to have a cold
by michele dennis

I have used Reliv Classic since Jan 2003 and the above claims by Heather do not surprise me one bit, and I believe her.
My experience has been that people who are younger and feel relatively good don't see the benefit from Reliv and stop taking it due to price or taste while those with problems experience what it is like to have your body start healing itself.

I started Reliv due to chronic post nasal drip that lead to bronchitis, my doctor gave me a prescription for antibiotics with refills ! I was 34 years old, I'm supposed to take anitbiotics constantly for how long? Reliv classic made me feel better the hour I took it first, and had the sinus crisis under control in probably 30 days. My reflux went away, permanently, even when I have stopped reliv for awhile it doesn't come back. My lower back pain was eliminated, an inherited swallowing difficulty went away, and I NEVER get colds. I did say NEVER, I am not exaggerating here folks, I can kiss my kids and share drinks with them all day while they hack and wheeze, and nothing. I was always very succeptable to colds before. I fought off h1N1 2 weeks ago when my kids had, didn't get sick. My mom started taking it and her bp went
down 15-20 points on average, she records it every day.
Some things will go away immediately and others will take awhile. Of course it can't cure things, it gives your body what it needs to cure itself. My husband is an off and on user, when he is using it, his toenail fungus goes away. I mean almost from the day he starts taking it again.
I dont sell the product, it doesn't sell well, everyone has something to sell it seems. So I have bypassed most of the multilevel problems.

I think if you feel well, great this will help you stay healthy. I don't know why it works really, I think the powder formula is better than a tablet due to increased absorbsion.

Best for last, I never was able to conceive without fertility drugs, I don't ovulate on my own or have regular periods. THe first month I was on reliv I had a normal period, then another 28 days later. I thought it was odd, then the next month - no period. Back to normal for me I thought. Well, I was pregnant !

Pregnancy went great, my son was very healthy as a baby, never had more than a mild runny nose. My older two had colds that ran into the next cold for their first 3 years. He was a very healthy baby, I took reliv while I was pregnant and nursing for 16 months. He is a very now at almost 6 and very healthy with a strong immune system.

My only concern is that he is allergic to peanuts, cashews, eggs, and it took us awhile to find out but .......soy. The main ingredient in reliv, listed first on the label. It does make me wonder, he is the first child in the family to have food allergies. He was exposed to a lot of soy. who knows, the food allergy rates arethrough the roof now and those kids didn't all take reliv, probably a tiny percent of a percent.

Just my experience, hope it helps.

by Maiya

Taste is all relative, and I can't say Reliv products taste great, but to me they are all right as far as health foods go. I have been searching for herbs that could help with my pain for many years that prescription drugs couldn't seem to take care of after awhile. I prefer their sister product, Now, compared to the Classic. I didn't care that the man that sold it to me was a network marketer, which seems to bother some people. I just wanted to find something that worked, and that has been great! I no longer have the sinus allergies I've had for years, and arthritis in my legs have not returned since I've been taking Reliv's products.

Reliv claims
by Anonymous

Reliv marketers sure seem to like making crazy claims for their products. While I am delighted when people claim they are healthier, I am skeptical of snake oils.

One way to tell an immediate lie comes from other information in a review. "The shakes tastes great." If you're going to make stuff up, try and avoid this kind of absurd claim. They are RANCID. We mix ours with ANYTHING potent enough to cover the flavor of all those micronutrients (earth metals). It tastes like rusty water...and it should, it has 18 mg of iron in it.

Be wary of anything only available through secret societies that act like cults. Reliv's total distribution revenue is the equivalent of selling 3 cans a week to each of their distributors. Most people simply buy this product for themselves, nobody actually sells it to anyone except friends/relatives whom they push it on. It is overpriced. There are a wide variety of CHEAP multivitamins that have been PROVEN to be effective without needing 700% of the RDA.


Reliv saved my life
by Heather Lee

I am 39. I have been suffering for 2 years with a diagnosis of "neuo disorder with MS like symptoms". The meds made me sick, lose my hair and gain weight. I could not walk, talk or use my hands. My very young kids were taking care of me while my husband worked. I gave up. But my mom bought me Reliv after carefully checking into it. In 5 days I began to walk without the use of support. Now 5 months later - you can hardly tell I have a disorder. The shakes tastes great. I have no problem with the price because for under $50. you can get 20% off by becoming a distributor with NO obligations what-so-ever. I just use it to order on line for me and my family. My kids love it. My son is off Adderall and my teen is not nearly as defiant and angry. Loving life. PS. Husband's mood is much more steady and happy - love that too! The only thing I don't like about this product is that people frown on Direct Marketing. There was a reason this doctor 20 years ago chose to sell his product this way. It is all about follow up and relationships. If i have any questions, I just call the person who sold me the product and I am all set. I love this stuff!