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A wonderful alternative to the rest
by Nichole K.

I started taking Adult's Multi a few months ago when I became allergic to ingredients in another multi-vitamin supplement.
Since I started taking other Country Life products, I found their hypo-allergenic properties to be a blessing for me. I no longer break out in rashes, I no longer itch, etc.
These are very tasty chewable vitamins that are also very good for my body. They contain all the necessary vitamins I'm lacking in my natural diet. They also make me feel so much better. I don't have to worry about whether or not I'm getting the right amount of nutrients anymore, as I know I'm getting what I need in these Multi Vitamins.
They are well worth the little extra in price as I know I'm getting all I need, I'm not going to have any kind of reaction to them and I feel good taking them.
I highly recommend these vitamins to anyone else with sensitivities to fillers in various tablets, or to anyone who has trouble swallowing large pills. These chewables will be perfect for you!

Easy Chewable Wafers with anti-oxidants
by Ivy S.

I started taking these Adult's Multi Chewable Wafers from Country Life last year. I really like this product since it's chewable and especially since it contains a wider range of vitamins and minerals, along with some herbals, such as ginko biloba for added energy benefits. It contains a high anti-oxidant boost which fights free radicals and may help to prevent damage from carcinogens ( cancer causing agents ) and anti-inflammatory processes.

Since starting the product, I no longer worry as much about missed meals or inadequate diet, and have felt better overall, with increased stamina and much better resistance to colds and flu. I have no trouble remembering to take my chewable wafer every morning as I just keep them on the kitchen counter and it's the last thing I grab before going off to work. I have had no further stomach problems while taking this brand as I had experienced previously with others, and the wafer leaves only a slight, very pleasantly sweet aftertaste. They are slightly more expensive than most multi-vitamins but I feel the difference in cost is very worthwhile for it's high quality ingredients, as well as it's being chewable and easy on one's sensitive tummy, which is not common in similar product lines for adults.

Great multi vitamin
by Sean

After taking this type of multi vitamin I have realized how important to the human body getting the right vitamins is. I would give this to anyone trying to boost body functions with a simple but great multi vitamin. This makes it so easy to keep your body healthy and going strong, it's a great thing to have something like this around whenever you need it.

Very good source of MultiVitamin
by krisztian

These are awesome to chew !
Our whole family loves it not only because it is chewable but it also keeps us healthy all the time.
I highly recommend it as a daily procedure to chew one of these. They taste great by the way!

Chewable vitamin greatness
by Gordy

I have used many different multi-vitamins with all kinds of gimmicks and promises. I feel that Adult's Multi by Country Life holds true to its word. The chewable wafers go down easy, and don't have an awful taste/aftertaste. I feel that the antioxidant system that it boasts is definitely present and effective, unlike some other brands claims.

You usually can't go wrong with any multi-vitamin as long as it has the nutrients you are looking for (and that you need). If you prefer chewable forms of products, by all means give this one a chance. You only need to take one wafer daily, which is plus considering some other multi-vitamins require up to 4 capsules/pills a day in order to get the same results. You get about a 2 month supply for $18, which is a pretty decent deal also.

I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

A Great Chewable
by Kathy

Who knew it? Chewable for adults. I used to sneak my kid's chewable before I discovered these. I hate swallowing pills as I have to take a whole regimen due to a serious illness. It was such a relief to be able to chew these pleasant tasting wafers instead of choking down yet another pill. Plus I like that they contain so many vitamins and minerals.

Adult Multi
by Laura Jones

Regular multivitamins upset my stomach when I take them in the morning but this Adult's Multi that's chewable is perfect. I have never had any stomach problems with it. It also has a good variety of vitamins and minerals and tastes great. I'd recommend it to anyone who might have problems with the tablets being too concentrated.

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