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I like that this brand is a whole food supplement and very good for you. It is a high quality product and well worth the price you pay. I would recommend it for anyone who does not eat well or properly for enhanced nutrition.

by anny

I am just finishing up my first bottle of these vitamins, and I must say I am quite pleased with the results. My hair has never been shinier. It is growing at the speed of light. I have had my hair cut 3 times since October 31. That has never happened before. My nails won't stop growing. I haven't been sick in months. I always get sick. Not now. They are huge though; I cut them in half and don't have a problem. I take these pills before bed, and don't have a problem. No nausea either. My skin is clearer, no pimples in forever. I can't say enough about these vitamins. I do recommend that you actually finish a whole bottle before you review them. These are by far the best vitamins you can buy, and will recommend them to anyone.

Living Multi Optimal Formula From The Garden Of Life
by Siggie

Garden of Life makes really great products. In particular, I love these vitamins. They are a little large, but I have noticed a distinct change since I started taking them about eight months ago. I just feel better overall. I never really noticed this with any other vitamin! I would highly recommend this product!

Not for me
by Allison

I tried these vitamins and didn't notice a difference in how I felt compared to when I take a regular multivitamin. The vitamins smell bad and are large, making them hard to swallow. Trying to gag all these down every day is just too much effort for me. I prefer to take my one multivitamin a day.

by Savannah R.

This is an expensive product but well worth it in the long run. I couldn't believe how many nutrients/vitamins/minerals were included! I have been using this product for a few years and consider the benefits valuable.

Whole food vitamin is WHOLE lot of money!
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

My chiropractor gave me a long, detailed, convincing explanation of WHY I should switch to whole food vitamins, so when I saw a free trail sample bottle of these, I got them! I am used to regular daily vitamins, where I only need one a day, but these say 6 to 9 a day and don't smell or taste great either. ( Many vitamins don't, but you don't have to gag down 9 of them usually!)

These DO have an impressive list of nutrients and foods, enough vegetables and fruits listed to rival some local grocery stores and sea vegetable blend as well. That' in addition to the vitamins and minerals all listed. Looking at the percentages of those, some far surpass the percentage of what I normally take in my daily multi, while some are lower. My chiropractor would say whole food vitamins are not wasted and better absorbed and utilized.

Maybe I am silly, but I have a hard time comprehending HOW they could fit a significant ENOUGH amount of SO MANY foods into PILLS. Enough to make a difference.

One bad thing is these little buggers keep sticking together at the bottom of the bottle, nothing serious, just annoying first thing in the morning.

The reason I DO NOT buy these though, is I am NOT a millionaire, not even close! In a bottle of 126, if I take up to 9 a day, that means that a bottle would last me only 14 days! This brand costs close to $40!

It MIGHT BE an exceptionally awesome whole food vitamin, but I can not afford to continue taking them long enough to find out, and even if they are, wouldnt be able to continue. However, I DIDN"T FEEL any difference from taking these from when I took my regular kind, except maybe fuller from all the water and pills! LOL!

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