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by Jackie

Hi i have tried this products it a wonderful vitamin i recommend this product to everyone to try

Just Great
by Randy

I have been on this for 1 week. After the third day It was the best I have felt In Years...
So far so good.... I wish they'd put more vitamin C into it... But, I feel Really good.

alive is a second chance inlife!
by fatima

i have been wanting to reverse my diabetes and totally eradicate my dizziness and headache due to the drugs prescribed by my doctor. After taking alive for a few days, i felt that my dizziness is minimized. I am hoping that alive will be my new partner in restoring my health the soonest time!

by kim2728

I love this product! Highly recommended.

by Zheng

This is one of my favorite multivitamins out there. It really does make me alive! I have used it for almost a month now. I have been happy ever since. I would buy this product again.

Great for the kids
by brosfam

My kids can never take those chewing vitamins because they can't stand the flavor. I came across this product and decided to administer it to them since they are swallowable. The kids don't have trouble anymore and Alive! gives them the nutrition they need.

by liy

Although it's only been about ten days since I officially started this product, I've seen a change in the condition of my skin and fingernails. My skin was always extremely dry, and my nails were very thin and would split. In just ten days my skin is much softer and not flaky at all. My nails have actually started to grow, and seem to be much stronger.
Tablets are of high quality and easy to swallow. They leave no aftertaste, and I didn't have any stomach upset after taking them. I'd highly recommend this product to anyone in need of a vitamin supplement.

great nutrients
by Ricardo Gutierrez

I use Alive! as a substitute for the lack of vegetables and fruits that my diet consists of. I'm not too big on eating fruit, and know that I'm lacking in a lot of nutrients. This is probably the reason why at times, my skins is dry, my hair is unhealthy, and I have an overall lack of energy. Along with changing my lifestyle, I feel these pills have helped since my digestive problems are down to a minimal since I began using this product.

Good supllement of fruit and fiber
by nazmul07

I usually work long hours and get tired in evening. I wanted a vitamin supplement which will keep me strong. For the last 3 months, I have been taking this and feeling more energetic. You can also take it as dietary supplement for fruit, fiber and vegetable, as it has everything. Just giving it 4.5 instead of 5 because of its high price. It is a great product.

All your vegetables in a little pill!!
by A. Bowles

I feel wonderful after just one month of taking these pills! I'm determined to get healthier, but with this fast paced society, I sometimes don't have time to eat all my vegetables or get all the vitamins I need. I love that this little pill packs all that goodness! I can really feel it working! Excuse the pun, but I feel ALIVE! I don't feel as exhausted at the end of the day either. Alive is a great supplement and its all natural!

by Mark Cooper

I like a product that is made to replace daily vegetable usage. I have a major gas problem when taking anything green. With this product I get my daily supplements. I love that it is natural and is absorbed so quickly. It does the trick and if I miss a meal, I know that my body still has the nutrients that it needs to keep me going.

by Rosa

I have a friend who swears by this stuff when she is run down and overworked. Because it has a combination of vitamins and minerals, it's like instant-health in one dose! She feels better after taking it for several days.

I tried it and it was better than most of the high-potency multi-vitamins I take. I could really feel a difference in energy level and general well-being. It's hard to describe!

by John

These were quite interesting. I have never taken in a multi vitamin that had tasted like vegetables. Technically, you can get your serving of vegetables, fruit, and herbs with just this one pill. The best part is that they are all natural.

Alive makes you feel alive!
by Niki Hause

This is another one of those incredible supplements where the manufacturers have done their work. The priceless ingredients in this product are the inclusion of the green foods like spirulina. I use this product when I am travelling in lieu of my liquid viatmins that must be refridgerated, and I feel it a very great alternative. Their ingredients include much more than your average vitamin and hence contribute to your feelings of wellness. The name Alive was perfectly selected, for that is how it makes me feel when I take it.

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