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Lot of good ingredients
by Paul

My parents take these vitamins twice a day and never miss a dose. I think these vitamins along with exercise and diet have really helped their energy and health.

Looking at the ingredients on the bottle, it is chock full of good stuff that regular vitamins don't have. Compared to my men's multivitamin some differences stand out. This contains more vitamin A that may help with senior's vision. It also has some things that my vitamin doesn't have like inositol, CoQ10, garlic and ginseng and pine bark extracts, lutein, ginko biloba, alpha lipoic acid, etc. This just has a lot of good stuff!

Interestingly, there's less of some things like trace metals. A lot less magnesium, zinc, selenium, things like that. So it seems like it's formulated specifically for seniors and my parents say it's beneficial.

A daily "must have"
by Barb Fleming

My parents never go a day without these vitamins. They're a perfect combination of ingredients, and easy to take, from a company that my family trusts implicitly. My parents are healthy for their ages, in the 60s, but to stay that way, they do take these daily. Highly recommend to others.

Day to Day
by Jeremy P

I've been a fan of this brand for a while every since my mother introduced it to me years ago. I like the fact that it's not like taking a huge horse pill. It's size is moderate and effective to boot just as promised. The only thing I disagree with is the price for the amount you get. I really think they should reconsider the price, but besides that, I've recommended it to my wife several times as an alternative.

Never miss a day
by mar438

I have been ordering from Puritan's Pride for a good many years. I buy for both me and my husband. We both take vitamins every morning, and it was getting a little high in price in stores. I ordered mega vitamins for seniors from them. I would never order any other vitamins. These work great and we don't get as sick as often as we use too.

mega vitamin for seniors time release tablets
by barbara

Seniors have different vitamin and mineral needs than we did when we were young. The combination in this great product covers all our needs. The vitamins are time released thru the day keeping your body on an even keel.

Healthy again!
by Dan

For the longest time, if anybody in my family came down with any sort of illness, you can bet that my parents would also come down with it. Enter Mega Vitamin for Seniors! I searched for quite a while trying to find the right vitamin for my parents. You can't put a price on being healthy. That being said, this product is incredibly reasonable in price and it works like nothing else they've tried. Since starting to take Mega Vitamin they haven't come down with any illnesses at all.

I am impressed
by tinkerboooo

I like what is in this jar of tablets. I think it is great to have a product that focus on seniors. Age groups need different things. I felt more alive with more energy. It did not bother my sleep.

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