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very pleased...
by Ron

Both my wife and I started taking the Prevagen a little over a month ago. I am thinking much clearer. And at 68 that is something that is very positive. But what it has done for my wife is a miracle. They started her on some very harsh drugs. Which gave shaking legs and feet and like a palsied effect to her hands. All of that started to stop in just a few days, and is all gone now. And the best part we weren't even looking for that. We have both noticed a decrease in our appetites. I have now lost about 9lbs. She has also lost weight. It seems like almost on a daily bases I see some little change.
Prevagen is a miracle and we wouldn't be without it ever again.

by Evelyn

My boyfriend has been using Prevagen for about two months and I have noticed the difference in his memory and he is happy with the product and has bought two bottles of it for a friend.

No more Brain Fog...
by Homer L.

I have been been taking Prevagen for 2 months, and it has lifted my "brain fog". My memory and recall is much better. Prevagen is great, and I can't do without it!

many benefits
by Anonymous

A man called who has been on Prevagen for one year says that he has clearer thinking, better sleep and a clearer mind. He recalled that it was quick acting for him, providing a benefit within the first 24 hours of trying it. He is very happy with the product.

past the test...
by Anonymous

I am 39 years old and suffer from a poor attention span. I started taking Prevagen at the insistence of my mother who also takes it. I was scared to death to take a 14 hr. continued education exam, but did and finished the test the FIRST TIME and got a 98 test score. I would never have been able to take the test & pass the first time if it hadn't been for Prevagen.

"miracle product"
by Anonymous

A 59 yr old woman with head injuries from a fall and further abuse from medications in the hospital, was released with constant noise in her ears, huge memory loss and a foggy brain started taking Prevagen and after a week she started to notice a change and now into her last of three bottles is so improved she calls Prevagen the "miracle product".

Gave me back my life!
by Anonymous

An 83 yr old female was told her brain was dying by her neurologist and that there wasn't anything she could do about it. Prevagen "gave me my life back". She used to walk in the house assisted and now she can even walk outside with a cane. She wants to give the creators of prevagen a "hug" for her.

No more diapers
by Anonymous

I've been on Prevagen for 3 months. During this period of taking Prevagen I was able to be without diapers. My quality of life has definitely changed and I am very thankful.

sleeping better
by K.R.

Recently I purchased Prevagen because I have had trouble sleeping through the night. I was used to only getting 1-3 hours a sleep at night, but after taking just 1 Prevagen I was able to sleep 5.5 hours straight! I even slept through a show I normally watch at 4 am. I'm very impressed with Prevagen and will continue to take it. I gave some product to my sister-in-law and is going to be giving some to my brother-in-law who has brain issues as well.

Tremors have diminished...
by Mike from MN.

Mike from MN. has had excessive tremors and took Prevagen for 2 days and noticed the weighted feeling on his limbs lift.. After 3 days he walked again without extreme shakiness. This allowed him to get off of many other ineffective supplements. Now and not since 5 years ago he is able to take a bus somewhere without falling over when the bus stops and starts. He says his quality of life due to improved balance is so much better it's hard to believe.

huge improvement...
by Kathleen L.

I have been taking Prevagen for a month and a half and have noticed a marked improvement in my word recall and conversational skills. I don't lose train of thought as much during a conversation, and if I do, it's easy for me to pick it back up again. I also noticed an improvement in my sleep quality. I am recommending Prevagen to all of my friends, and can't wait to see what increased benefits may occur!

after surgery-
by F. Coleman

I had quadruple by-pass surgery and was left with a brain dysfunction of eye/reading coordination problems along with unclear thinking. I have been thrilled that both of these issues are improved and I am looking forward to a second order to continue the improvement.

by 50 years and counting...

Just wanted you to know that I am very pleased with the results of Prevagen. It seems to enhance the other supplements that I take and I have more sustained energy. I no longer get tired in staff meetings or in the classes I attend. .... I have so much energy that sleep time has decreased by choice. I am able to accomplish more and have a good nights sleep when I rest my head on the pillow.

Very Satisfied
by Anonymous

I am 84 years old and I have had neurological issues since I was 27. After taking Prevagen my inflammation and pain has lessened. Just this week, I washed windows that I hadn't been able to do in a long time. My neurological issues are not completely gone but I haven't felt this good in years.

Very Pleased...
by Mary L.

My husband has had brain health issues for 9 yrs. Almost immediately (a few capsules) I could tell his sleep was better because he was acting out his dreams. Now after 3 months of taking Prevagen, he is able to move around better, talks better and is more alert. She was just amazed that Prevagen would work so quickly.

My Dad...
by Anonymous

My Dad is 94 and has severe memory problems. Since he has been taking Prevagen he doesn't repeat his questions and is making observations (example - why are you wearing an arm sling?) . At the family reunion recently, my family couldn't get over how he had changed. This new improvement seems to have made him happier as well.

by Bridgette O

I tried a sample of this product and liked the results.

I Felt as Smooth as a Jellyfish
by Kandi Larson

Honestly, I liked this product. I wasn't encredibly impressed, but it was very soothing. It's a lot like a mom who wants you to feel better about the bully. It makes you feel better, but it doesn't exactly work. Eveything is subjective.

Giving this one a shot!
by Paul

I just started taking this product and feel better already about my energy levels.

by Anonymous

I and my wife (49 yr. and 50yr) have found that we sleep better and are more alert when taking Prevagen. Both of us noticed after a couple of days that we were also dreaming more! I no longer need that afternoon cup of coffee and my wife says she feels more "connected". We will take Prevagen for the rest of our lives!

A New Start
by Joseph

When I heard about Prevagen I was really interested in the possibilites of having a natural product help improve my fading memory. After about 5 weeks i noticed my focus and concentration was vastly improved! The difference was like night and day. My memory improved and now i dont have trouble keeping score when i play scrabble. I feel like I did when i was 39!

Prevagen has helped A LOT!
by The Don

I have 2 observations. First is that I used to have real trouble staying awake when driving because of a lack of quality sleep. With Prevagen, I no longer have this issue since my sleep is very restful and recuperative. My other benefit is that if I take 2 capsules of Prevagen before strenuous exercise, my muscles don't fatigue nearly as fast! Oh yeah, and since my wife has been taking Prevagen, she's been migraine-free for 11 months! Prevagen is a staple in my daily routine.

by Aleene

Prevagen has helped my Neuropathy tremendously and am very happy with the results of taking Prevagen.

It works!
by Saint

I've been taking the Prevagen about 3 1/2 months now, and I have to say, I've seen marked improvement. I do a crossword puzzle online every day, and I used to think I was pretty good because I could finish it in 20 - 25 minutes. Since I started taking the Prevagen, It's a rare day that it takes me more than 10 minutes to finish my crossword! I've also noticed that I'm sleeping alot more soundly, and waking up feeling alot more rejuvenated. My wife has commented that I don't look as haggard in the morning! I recommend this product to anyone who has a brain, and wants to keep it sharp!

Prevagen works great
by Pastor

I am a Pastor from N. Carolina. Prevagen has been helping me greatly. I am sleeping thought the night, and waking up feeling more rested and refreshed. When I speak in public and deliver sermons, I have much better focus and recall. I am very grateful for Prevagen, and can't wait to see what sorts of new discoveries they make with their research!

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by K

I have read what others have had to say on this product and I really want to try it. Not only does the title of it mean alot to me, but what it is supposed to do is attractive to someone who is getting up there in age. I really look forward to trying this product.

by Tonja H

I am never totally sold on anti-aging thins...but I do not sleep well, and even if I get lucky and get 5 hours of sleep, when I wake up I feel exhausted...I am going to locate this product and give it a this point I have nothing to lose but more sleep.