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My Favorite Multi
by Ecclescake

I love the whole Source of Life line, but since I stopped being able to swallow pills, these chewables have been a blessing. Finally there's a chewable from a brand I trust that tastes good and has great levels of the vitamins I care about. That helps me remember to take them every day!

Good souce of vitamins
by nazmul07

My mom has beenis taking this chewable for the last 4 months and she liked it very much. She mentioned that it tastes great and the price is affordable. She likes chewable rather than swallowing tablets. It gave her lot of energy to run around for her granddaughter!

highly effective
by tracey

I have a lot of trouble taking multivitamins due to stomach upset, so for me chewables is the way to go. They taste good and have no side effects. The multivitamin boosts my immune system and cuts down on illness. I found I also had more energy, and just had a feeling of well being.

One less pill to take
by littlecat

I absolutely am in love with these tasty chewables, what a treat! Its hard to believe they are good for you, they taste great, and the price is wonderfully affordable. The energy level change is not noticable right away, I have been taking them for about 3 months, and definately feel a difference now. At 41 years old, I have enough pills to swallow, what a joy to have to swallow one less! I recommend these chewables.

No effect
by Rudy

I have taken these for 2 months and I do not feel any different. I am sure it is doing me good internally, but I just do not feel any different. I do not feel the "boost of energy" that this product advertises.

Adult's Chewable
by Charisse

These are awesome. Not only are they great for adults who don't like to swallow pills, but they taste great! I feel that they definitely give me an added boost of energy everyday. I consider them a treat.

Can't Believe I'm First To Review This
by Trudi Konzem

OK, I'm a fussy Mom who hates swallowing tablets. It's a pain finding the right product that tastes good. I hate wasting money. These chewables were definitely not a waste of money. I'm on my fourth bottle, so they can't be bad. I will continue to purchase these, so please don't discontinue any time soon.

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