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Good value
by Zach Fisher

For what it does, it is a good price. I will continue to use it.

Works GREAT!
by brosfam

I started using this product last spring when my allergies became very bad. Most other products I tried never worked as efficiently as this one, and I recommend it to anyone who wants a cheap fix without burning a hole in their pocket at the same time. You get 200 pills for a small fee, which is a fantastic deal. Great product.

by wendy

I am a senior in college and my daily lifestyle is anything but routine. I pull a lot of all-nighters doing work, and I stay out late on the weekends. I get really sick, on average, twice a semester with the flu, strep throat, or a bad virus. Therefore, I'm sick 3-4 times a year! Every year I get sick within the first month of classes starting because of the lifestyle change, but not this year! I have been on the vitamins for three months, and I have been extremely healthy. I take 1 vitamin a day, and I definitely have more physical and mental energy. One day my throat started getting scratchy and I was really tired, so I took 2 vitamins that day; the next morning my symptoms were gone. If you are constantly around people, traveling a lot, or have a highly irregular schedule, I strongly recommend these vitamins. They are a pain to swallow and they smell like dirt, but it's beyond worth it. You will have a happier lifestyle and won't panic when a stranger sneezes around you!!

Great product
by Barry

Highly recommend this product to anyone who has food allergies. I have some common food allergies such as peanuts, and these worked miracles. They are at a great price and a real bargain. If you know someone who has food allergies this would be great for them to try.

Excellent Product
by Tonya

This is one product that I always keep. My daughter is hypersensitive and has allergies. She can tolerate this multi vitamin mineral capsule. She has been using this product for a year and I can see the results and improvement in her reaction towards certain foods.

Great Product
by toddm

I am allergic to peanuts to the point if it's made in the same plant as peanuts I break out in hives. Allergy Multi has worked wonders for me. While I still avoid peanuts I no longer have to worry about breaking out in hives if I eat a small dose of something with peanuts in it by accident.

If you need them
by Brian

While I personally am not sensitive to normal multivitamins, my mother certainly is, and this is her go-to product. It’s never given her a problem, but she does bemoan the fact that a whopping six daily tablets are recommended, which is triple a lot of other formulations.

Food Allergies
by Stacy

Allergy Multi Caps is a great product. This is the only product I’ve found that helps me with my food allergies. They are pretty inexpensive and really improve my lifestyle.

These work!
by John Spindler

These allergy multi caps are pretty nice. I have a peanut allergy, and now I can eat and look for foods and medicine with confidence! I would recommend this to anyone who has a food allergy.

Safe Supplement! (happy sigh!)
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

One of my kids was plagued with so many severe/potentially fatal allergies, that his specialist had to have me spend over 2 hours with a nutritionist and her computer program to figure out what he COULD eat. We updated as allergies changed. He had many scary E.R. visits over the years, and it was hard to meet all his nutritional needs with food due to this situation. I would spend a great deal of extra time grocery shopping, etc., carefully reading the fine print of EVERY label for fear of missing one ingredient that might kill him on foods, medicines, etc.

About 2 years ago, I came across THIS vitamin and was really EXCITED. I wish I had found it much sooner. It gave me peace of mind knowing it was safe even for HIM!

He is 19 1/2 now, and moved out a year ago on his own. I don't know if he takes his vitamins anymore, I can only hope, LOL, but I feel good knowing I was able to give him as much TLC and good health as I possibly could and as safely as possible until he was on his own. I am SO GRATEFUL for a supplement, and any other products out there like this one!

Great for those with allergies
by Lori Strehle

It is so hard to find a supplement when you have food allergies, but this one from TwinLab is perfect. It actually has the vitamins and minerals you need but doesn't contain so many dangerous allergens that can cause so many problems for so many people. I try to avoid artificial sweeteners, so I love this supplement.

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