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Multi-Vita Mega-Mineral

Multi-Vita Mega-Mineral, dietary supplement. Natural Beta Carotene in a base of Siberian Ginseng.
Product: Multi-Vita Mega-Mineral
Brand: Solaray (More Products)
Size: 120 Capsules
Dosage: 4 capsules daily
Retail: $21.29
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9 Customer Reviews

by Stanimir Yordanov

I take these occasionally, and I am happy with them. Sometimes, my body runs out of vitamins and I can tell when I see white spots on my nails. I started taking these to get the vitamins and minerals my body need. Great price.

by shen

I would say these vitamins really do something. Before I started taking them I was getting terrible cramps in my calves and feet at night, and I'm not getting them anymore. My hair looks a lot better for some reason, too. I started out taking one in the AM and the other one in the PM because I thought that would work better than taking them both at once, but the PM one really kept me awake at night. Now I take both in the AM, and I'm back to normal as far as sleep goes.

Better than most
by Sean

It's true that most multivitamins are created equally, in terms of what is boosted in your daily intake. Even so, this one stood out from others in that I felt more active and lively during my day. Take the recommended dosage. I almost shied away from this because of my family history of heart problems, but did not experience any complications while I was on the vitamin.

Extra Skip
by Ali

Although it DID give me the extra energy I was lacking, it also gave me some palpatations as well. Make sure you do not have any heart related problems before you take this.

Great product, good buy
by Kristina Richardson

I'm very picky about multi vits but this one worked really well. It made me feel better each morning and I felt energized without being shaky or hyper. I love the fact I can get my multi vit and get a little pep in my step at the same time.

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