f TwinLab Dualtabs Mega Vit/Min Reviews and Information

Dualtabs Mega Vit/Min

A sustained release bi-layer mega vitamin and mineral formula. Each tablet is composed of two separated layers. One contains fat soluble vitamins and sustained release, water soluble vitamins. The other layer contains rapid release minerals and digestive aids. This prevents the interaction of incompatible vitamins and minerals for maximum stability and quality.
Product: Dualtabs Mega Vit/Min
Brand: TwinLab (More Products)
Size: 50 Tablets
Dosage: 1-2 tablets daily
Retail: $14.50
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5 Customer Reviews

Good stuff
by Brian

With recent reports of lead contamination or imprecise ingredient quantities in some multivitamins, it pays to stick with a major brand, which Twinlab certainly is. I’ve used them for over a decade now with fine results. This product in particular is recommended for its completeness, price, minimum number of daily pills (some brands want you to take 4), and the fact that it’s time-released.

Lots of energy
by Alma

As a mature woman, I have been taking vitamins on a regular basis for a couple of years now. I swear by them. When I forget to take them I can actually feel and see the difference. I am not as alert. My skin and hair becomes coarser, and I become more anxious. Taking these vitamins keeps me on an even keel. I recommend them highly. There are cheaper brands out there but they are not as effective.

by Cady

My sister is a busy college student with a very active life style. She loves how these vitamins are easy on the stomach and aids in her digestion, especially on those pizza study group nights!

Used Daily
by Dave's Wife

My mother used this product daily and give it a good review. She selected this product over other brands with similar products because of it's recognizable and well respected name. The cost of the vitamin was also comparable to others.

Trusted name
by Jill S.

I really like TwinLab's Dualtabs Mega Vit/Min. TwinLab always delivers a great product and was recommended to me by my doctor. I have taken these vitamins for a little while now and have never felt better. I like that TwinLab has developed a bi-layer to give your body the maximum in minerals and digestive aid.