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by Sonia Manning

I have never seen any published info truly showing the efficacy of these products. The juice plus brand has many studies showing real testing on children and adults. There is no proof here, why not? I question whether this is indeed supporting the whole food requirements of my children or others.

Great tasting vitamins
by Rosie

My two year old daughter just loves these little bears. In fact she calls them her candies. I never have to remind her to take them because she is always reminding me. I think every kid would love these and the parents too because they will give your kids the extra nutrients that they will need. My little girl has been taking these vitamins for 4 months know.

by Jeremy

This product, as the name says, tastes yummi. The children I babysit love it. It's very difficult to get them to eat their food but they actually enjoy this product.

Yummi Good
by David

My sons are 19 and 22. Neither have been cooperative in taking vitamins for several years now. So, I buy these Yummy Bears because the kid in them still loves gummy bears. It worked. They love them! In fact, I have to constantly remind them that they are not candy and they cannot take more than the recommended dose. Thx, Yummi Bears.

Too delicious!
by Victor

My daughters absolutely love these vitamins. They have always complained that their vitamins were too chalky and dry. Then, after they tried these Yummi Bears, they look forward to eating their vitamins everyday. I sometimes have to stop them from eating too much! This is great for getting your little ones the vitamins they need without the yucky taste of most products.

Yummi Gummis
by Dustin

This is a great product, which is loaded with nutrients. Only problem is that my son thinks they are candy and can go through the whole package if I don't put them on the top shelf. I usually give him 4 of these after dinner and he loves them.

by Chris Carter

My little brother needs his vitamins and he's really picky. We as a family try really hard to get him to eat other products but he doesn't seem to like them. These Yummi Bears are really great!. They're made from fruit concentrate so it's like tasting real fruit! We give him 3 Bears daily, which is a bit much, given the price tag, but it's worth it, even if we are just weaning him to like real vitamins. A great trainer and we'll buy this product at least for the next few months.

by Kevin

These Yummi Bears are a great product for anyone who likes gummy candy and could use a vitamin boost. I have tried other brands of gummy bear vitamins and they tasted like vitamins. These are made with fruit and veggie concentrates, and actually taste good. They look and smell like they won't, but get them into your mouth and you will be pleasantly surprised. The only thing I didn't like is the price of the product. I am not sure if I would buy these regularly because of this, but I would get them as an occasional treat.

Get eaten
by Green

Don't laugh, but my sons are 17 and 21. Neither have been cooperative in taking vitamins for several years now. So, I buy these Yummy Bears because the kid in them still loves gummy bears. It worked. They love them! In fact, I have to constantly remind them that they are not candy and they cannot take more than the recommended dose. Thanx, Yummi Bears.

Very Good
by cooldan

My children have taken these and they feel great. They like how they taste and now they aren't as rowdy as they were before. This is also a great product because it looks like a gummy bears, which sort of tricks them because it still tastes good to them. They cannot wait to take them everyday, and look forward to it. The amount to take varies person to person as to personal preference of the product.

Only good for you if eaten.
by Jamie

I would love to say that Yummi Bears vitamins were a great product that improved my child's overall health. But, I can't. Because he won't eat them. They have a cute shape and a non offensive odor, but they don't taste great.

Gummy is the way too go!
by drew

My little sister is very picky, so I purchased these antioxidants, shaped as a gummi bear. These are enjoyable as she says! These are tablets formed into gummy bears to fool the children and have them stay healthy! I love these bears as there are no hesitations when I tell her to eat up!

mixed actions
by brandyn

Both of my nephews eat the Yummi Bears. One likes them alot because they aren't chalky, my other nephew doesn't like them at all. I think, in my opinion, taking 3 bears a day is pushing it. The maximum should be 2. It really depends if you or your kids like gummy bears or gummy worms in order to like this product.

by Roxanne Ranelli

My children are usually resistant to taking vitamins, usually because of the texture. Because of this product, they can't wait to take their daily vitamin. They may have mistaken it as an actual piece of candy. They can't wait for vitamin time now, which makes me one happy mother knowing they are getting the nutrients they need! This is highly recommended from a mother of triplets!

Not "Yummi" Enough
by Erik

My kids did not like the taste of these very much. I suppose you can't appeal to everyone with one particular flavor; especially with an all organic formula. I have received worse reviews from them over other vitamin products though.

Taste Terrible
by SierraK

My friends and I are all very much into natural foods and supplements for health. When one saw these, he immediately purchased them for his son who has never met a vegetable he was willing to eat. Although there are many standard children's vitamins, there aren't many that are specifically antioxidants so this seemed like a great idea to give in addition to his regular children's vitamin.
The problem was exactly what others have mentioned. These things taste awful! It's true they have less sugar, but it would help if they at least tasted like sour candies which his son loves. But no, these just taste bitter and his son refused to take any more after trying just one.
Hero Nutritional really started off with a great idea, especially for kids who are exceptionally picky eaters as they need more than just a standard children's vitamin, but if the picky eater won't eat the antioxidant supplement either, then what's the use?
Please Hero Nutritional, give this product a makeover and make it taste good to kids!

Really Yummy.
by SP

Initially my little daughter was not very interested in taking vitamins and I gave her Yummy bears. To my surprise she started liking it. It tastes excellent. The ingredients of this Yummy bears is very good and i would want my daughter to continue eating these.

Pretty good
by Bharat Parameswaran

I had bought this for my son and I must say that my son wasn't a big fan right from the first bear he put in his mouth. As previous reviews have pointed out, I think the main problem is that it is not very sweet and children always tend to like sweet items whether it is in a chocolate form or medicine form

My little sister hates it
by TC

I brought this for my little sister and she hates it. At first, she was attracted by the cute bear shapes, but after trying them she claims that they are disgusting tasting. I tried one myself and couldn't agree more. I still gave this a two star because it's supposed to contain 15 certified organic whole food concentrates. What's the point of being highly nutritious when no one wants to take them? If they can improve on the taste of this, I'll be willing to give them a try again.

Actually pretty good
by heather

I bought these for my daughters, and both of them liked them very well... I would give it a thumbs up..but also like a couple of reviews said, not as sugary as the kids were led to believe, but they still liked them...

Not so great
by Jody

The gummy consistency of these vitamins really makes them hard to chew. It's so much easier for my kids to just chew a regular kid's chewable vitamin. Plus, they're not nearly as "sweet" as the candy shape would lead kids to believe and my kids complained about their bitter aftertaste...better to call a vitamin a "vitamin" and be done with it!

Yummi Bears get eaten!
by kvantol

OK, don't laugh but my sons are 16 and 20. Neither have been cooperative in taking vitamins for several years now. So, I buy these Yummy Bears because the kid in them still loves gummy bears. It worked. They love them! In fact, I have to constantly remind them that they are not candy and they cannot take more than the recommended dose. Thanx Yummi Bears.

Not recommended
by S. Grevious

Please don't let the name and the cute little bears fool you on the bottle. I bought this for my son and he took it only about twice. The first time he thought it was candy and the second time I fooled him into taking them. He claims that they are nasty. I can tell they are nasty to him, because of the way he frowned. I have to agree that in the Gummi form, it takes a lot more and longer to chew them.

by J

These "Yummi Bears" may be great for your kids, but they are of no benefit when they taste so bad that the kids won't eat them. My kids are NOT picky eaters, but they think these are disgusting. It is not worth the battle every morning to get them to take them.

Yummi Bears
by Albert

The children I babysit LOVE this product. It's very difficult to get them to eat their food but they actually enjoy this product. I am a little worried about the taste because one of the kids complained. Besides that not a bad product at all!

Yucky bears
by Ellisha

My daughter refused to eat these. I was hoping they would taste good and it would be an easy way to get her to take her vitamins but she said they were horrible and after the first one she ran when she saw me with bottle!

Not so good
by herm

I bought these for my kids thinking they would taste really good and so the kids would want to take their vitamins. I was wrong! They didn't like the taste at all and so it was very difficult to get them to chew them up. The chewing takes a while longer in Gummy form so that was a problem also. Not a winner with this family.

Read before buy
by DAv92683

This has to be the worst kid product out there. They contain mostly junk and not really much would benefit the child . We tried it at our house and our child refused to take it after one time. So, we had to throw it in the trash. What a waste of money. I would recommend everyone not to try this product.

Yummi it is!
by christiana

This product as the name says tastes yummi. My kids love the taste and that's the only vitamin they take. Sometimes I am worried about the sugar content. It is like taking candy every other day which is not too healthy, but all in all I still love it. At least with it I am sure they will take vitamins.

yummi bears
by lala5

My kids have really been bad about having to take vitamins, but I have actually found a product that they will take. They like the taste of the Yummi bears and I love what it does for them.

by holly wilson

My son begged and begged for me to buy this for him. He took it once, and refused to take it again. He said they tasted disgusting, hardly any flavor to them, and made him feel like he was chewing on rubber. After reading the label, I threw them out because there are many other products out there that are healthier for him to use.

misleading greens
by tasha

This product is terrible. in fact I think all products in this line are. They are misleading as being "healthy." It contains unnecessary amounts of sugar and unnecessary ingredients. They taste delicious- like candy- kids will love them for that, but their nutritional content is lacking. Candy masquerading as supplements.

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