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very helpful
by frank

I tried lotein with bilberry. It is ok, but I searched further and found this one. I am a computer guy with 10 plus hours on the computer. I feel dizzy every day after work. I would suggest this one for regular every day use.

My sight is better
by Christi

I had worn glasses for many years for distance but this past year it was getting harder and harder to read without squinting. I refused to give in to bifocals so I started looking for something to help boost my eyesight. I am so glad I found Beta Carotene. After a month of taking 2 capsules a day I no longer needed to squint or use my over the counter reading glasses anymore. I could read small print without it being blurry. This product works very well and is reasonable priced. I recommend it.

blurry eye gone
by Kennedee

Since I occasionally wear glasses, I decided to try the Formula 100 with beta carotene. It has helped immensely with alleviating the blurriness in my eyes while reading or surfing the internet. I have been taking this supplement for two months and have had zero side effects.

formula 100
by barbara

After reaching my 50's my vision changed quite a bit. It was difficult to read for long periods of time and I found my eyes getting blurry. After hearing all the hype on Beta carotene I decided to try this product. I am so glad I did. I found a good improvement.

Preventing my biggest fear
by Cara

My biggest fear in the world is eyes. I can't stand to touch them, look at them, see them pop out in movies...anything. My eye doctor has to strap me in the chair like a crazy person to do his job. He said that since I'm so afraid of eyes and problems that could come down the road I should take something with Beta Carotene or eat a ton of carrots. I opted for the first option and I like the fact that I'm preventing a problem. I do not have any problems with my eyes and do not have to wear glasses so I guess it must be working.

Love to read
by Cydney

I started taking this product because I am an avid reader and do hours of research daily on my computer. After going through menopause my eye sight changed slightly and a doctor recommended I start taking Beta Carotene. I find I can do the work I need to with no problems.

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